Psychotic Truth

Damage My God

DAMAGE MY GOD is a five-piece Death Metal band based out of Porto, Portugal. "Psychotic […]
April 10, 2015
Damage My God - Psychotic Truth album cover

DAMAGE MY GOD is a five-piece Death Metal band based out of Porto, Portugal. "Psychotic Truth" is the band's debut album on their own label, and contains nine tracks. "Wounded Grace" opens the album with a child whispering "come and play with us, daddy." The track is deep and dark, reeling from the ultra-low range Death vocals. Drop tuned guitar riffs change skillfully and frequently and brutality reigns. "Coprophagia" references one of the greatest horror movies of all time, "The Shinning," with Danny's creepy alter-voice. Blast beat drumming carries most of the rhythm here, and again the anguished vocals provide the scare factor for the song. The pace is swift, like being in a cornfield at night chased by a serial killer. "Emasculation" is the first track without a creepy voice intro. Instead, they let the track impart that eerie and frightened feeling. I like the variation Guilherme uses in his vocal approach on this track, giving it accents here and there. "Brooklin Overlord" has a slower, more deliberately evil opening; complete with a Death growl so low and long it shakes the ground. Not too long in however it picks up steam and rolls over you. "Welcome to my Shamble" does have a welcoming quality to it, if you are being ushered into the house where Leatherface lives. Fast picking guitar and bass riffs combine with furious drumming where the impact is relentless. After a long and disturbing intro, "Clog the Drains" roars in with two competing guitar riffs somehow working in unison. The sinister quality of the album is at an all-time high here. Bloodcurdling screams litter the opening of "The Black Handbag," followed by staccato guitar riffs that simply attach every sense of evil that you have inside of you. Closing the album is the song "Insalubrious Bard." A fitting album closer for what we have heard here; it's an exercise in as much might and power as you can pour into this genre. Overall, this is strong and traditional Death Metal, staying pretty much in the center of the boundaries that defines this genre. The tracks are riff driven; the varied drumming paces drives the rhythm, and the intense Death vocals shine over it all. If you are looking for some variation on your plate, you won't find a lot here. But if you want to be pummeled over and over again, you will find this to your liking.<

7 / 10


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"Psychotic Truth" Track-listing:

1. Wounded Grace
2. Coprophagia
3. Emasculation
4. Brooklin Overlord
5. Teodoro
6. Welcome to my Shamble
7. Clog the Drains
8. The Black Handbag
9. Insalubrious Bard

Damage My God Lineup:

Guilherme - Vocals
Drazil - Guitar
Filipe Barbosa - Guitar
Chicago - Bass
Hugo Almeida - Drums

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