Da Vinci

Da Vinci

OK, this MTM Music re-release will save lots of money for lovers of Melodic Rock/AOR […]
By Grigoris Chronis
June 19, 2006
Da Vinci - Da Vinci album cover

OK, this MTM Music re-release will save lots of money for lovers of Melodic Rock/AOR worldwide. A rare item, even on auction pages like E-bay or Tradera, "Da Vinci is a real collector's 'obscurity' turning up for no less than $80 if you can track it down. OK (again), enough with the CD 'haunting' shit.
Scandinavian Hard Rock (in general) owes a lot to Silver Mountain, Europe and TNT. Each of them, for different reasons, provided the solid background for various bands to develop their 'melodic' style, turning Sweden (mainly) and the other Scandinavian countries to a real 'goldmine' for Melodic Rock devotees. Da Vinci, formed in 1988 in Norway's Oslo, were (both) capable and lucky enough to ink deal with the Polygram label for their self titled debut. Obviously experienced musicians - drifting around in various local bands 'till then - did record a sophomore album, "Back In Business (1989, Mercury), with a wide future in front of them. Still, only the "Ain't No Goodbyes/Blame It On The Radio 7 single saw the light of day in the early 90s.
Dedicated lovers of the genre already know what Da Vinci's music stood for 17+ years ago. For the rest: in a more 'mellow' Treat/Europe/Heaven/Fate style, "Da Vinci is full of keyboard/guitars driven hooks, fine vocals and an adequate - in general - production. The up-tempo mania of "Looking For Love, along with the 'cheerful' harmonies of "Corina and the slow pop-ish outlook of "Young Desperado make this album indicant of the 'melodic' obsession countless bands in the Northern Europe were tied with those days. It was not only Europe, you see...
Ain't No Goodbye is the bonus 'present' that wraps up an album destined to please die-hard AOR maniacs. Nothing like a legendary release of the genre, you should check it out first if you think Dalton or Treat is the 'bottom line' of your 'melodic' needs. Otherwise, get it first thing in the morning, no questions asked.

7 / 10


"Da Vinci" Track-listing:

Lookin' For Love
Look At Me Now (intro)
Look At Me Now
Forever In My Heart
She's A He
Young Desperado
Light My Fire
Ain't No Goodbye (Bonus Track)

Da Vinci Lineup:

Robert Aass - Vocals
Gunnar Westlie - Guitar
Bjorn Boge - Bass
Dag Selboskar - Keyboards
Jasle Maloy - Drums

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