Darkday Carnival


The first thing that attracted my attention on the cover of this album was the […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
February 25, 2007
Cypher - Darkday Carnival album cover

The first thing that attracted my attention on the cover of this album was the logo, which is pretty similar to CYPRESS HILL's logo. Since I didn't even know the origin, the musical style and the history of this band, I had to search for some info and of course listen to the album carefully to write this review. I think I have already regretted that I asked this CD for a review...

CYPHER is a Dutch band, which was formed in 2002. There are only a few things, which are worth mentioning, since this band exists for only five years. The only thing they released before this album was a demo in 2003, Forward Devolution. Sander, the guitarist, used to play for the well-known Death Metal band COMPOS MENTIS (RIP). So, as it seems, the demo release was enough to secure them a contract with Rusty Cage Records, a contract which resulted in the release of their debut album, Darkday Carnival.

I want to start by saying that the album has been produced by Jochem Jacobs (guitar and vocals for TEXTURES) and judging by the sound TEXTURES have, I thought that CYPHER's production would kick ass. It is definitely not bad, but it is not what I expected. Anyway, CYPHER deliver an album full of Melodic Death/Thrash Metal that although I managed to listen to the album several times, didn't manage to keep me interested. There is nothing new in this release. The riffing is common, the vocals typical... Even though the bands seems aggressive and energetic, the songs remain boring after 1-2 listening sessions. It is just that the songs are predictable enough to make you put this album aside and grab something else to listen to. In fact, we are talking about a debut album. Regarding debut albums, on the one hand, they may be kick ass and decisive for a band's future, but on the other hand, they may be weaker and just show the band's talent to create something much better in the future. I don't know if this band is able to release an album that will be for example ten times heavier than this one, but I think that they are skilled musicians that have the classic syndrome of many bands out there, lack of inspiration.

There are not many things to say about this release and I know I sound harsh, but people want to spend their money on good releases. It would definitely be nice if we could buy every single release out there, but we all know it is not possible. My opinion, an album that I wouldn't buy for sure!

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Darkday Carnival" Track-listing:

Fortune My Foe
Handfull Of Darkness
Nailed To Redemption
Rape The Willing
Statues Of Flesh
Make Thick My Blood
Intersection Of Constraints
Forward Devolution
Darkday Carnival I: Feast
Darkday Carnival II: Whoring The Land
Darkday Carnival III: Maggotnation

Cypher Lineup:

T - Vocals, Guitar
Sander - Guitar
Pioko - Bass
Frank - Drums
Guest Musicians:
Robbe K - Guest Vocals On Rape The Willing

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