Demo 2008

Custom Made Noise

Composing the tunes we would like to listen to, reaching into the matters we would […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 9, 2008
Custom Made Noise - Demo 2008 album cover

Composing the tunes we would like to listen to, reaching into the matters we would like to be told about, bringing in the aesthetics we feel is missing. That's how the Greek metallers describe their sound. Not a big or wannabe statement by a band that is playing the stuff its members wanna play and as they say wanna hear in today's Metal scene. Let's see what their own musical suggestion sounds like...

The band was formed by Vangelis (also in WINDFALL) and Achill, while Tasos (PULVERISED) and Orestis (DRUNKARD) joined CUSTOM MADE NOISE later on. This is the band's first ever release and it was recorded at Thessaloniki's Run Devil Run studio.

First of all, I want to mention something that made a really good impression on me. This is the first time I see a Greek band mentioning another Greek Metal band in its influences. CUSTOM MADE NOISE's music is somewhere between modern Hardcore and Thrash Metal. Drawing influences from bands like STAMPIN' GROUND, CATARACT and HOMO IRATUS (the Greek band we were talking about earlier), the Thessaloniki-based metallers present their debut release, a demo CD full of passionate and catchy music.

The fact is that even though the band has put a lot of effort into this brutal pandemonium, I was not so amazed with the outcome. The music is nice, but there was nothing that could make me stay 100% focused on what my speakers had to say to me. It is more than just nice for a demo CD, especially when it is the band's first release, but I think that with a little more work these guys could simply kill! Nice work guys and I am waiting for a full-length release.

"Demo 2008" Track-listing:

0,006 °C
Zero Saviour
Fear The Architect
Fast Forward

Custom Made Noise Lineup:

Vangelis - Vocals, Guitar
Achill - Guitar
Orestis - Bass
Tasos - Drums

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