I Let The Devil In


Forming in 2011 out of Connecticut, CURRENTS has released their latest album "I Let The […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
January 27, 2019
Currents - I Let The Devil In album cover

Forming in 2011 out of Connecticut, CURRENTS has released their latest album "I Let The Devil In". The five song album may be short, but it is very powerful. Mixing in hints of Djent, Death Metal and even some early 2000's hardcore. This album really hit home for me by mixing in all of those elements. I really enjoyed this album from the beginning to it's extraordinary ending.

The first track is my absolute favorite on the album. "Into Despair" has it all, Brian Willie doing Death Vocals as well as cleans. It hits hard as fuck as soon as it starts. The Guitars played by Chris Wiseman and Ryan Castaldi are absolutely insane. And as far as the Drums and Bass Matt Young and Dee Cronkite killed it. This song is full of melody as well as in your face Technical Death Metal. And the addition of a breakdown made it even better.

The second track "My Disguise" sounds a whole lot more like the Hardcore I listened to in the early to mid 2000's. This track is absolutely beautiful and the guitars really take the cake on this one. This is a perfect blend of Technical Death Metal and Hardcore. The one thing I really enjoyed was the Guitar you could hear in the background. I am pretty sure he was finger tapping but not sure. Whatever it was, was awesome. This song is one of my favorites and is one I highly recommend.

Next up we have "To Feel Empty" and the beginning drew me in instantly. This song gives off a sense of sorrow at first and gets pretty intense at times. All of the instruments on this track are played wonderfully. I cannot express how amazing this album is so far and I really think you need to pick this one up as soon as you can.

"The Rope" is the second to last track and it fucking kicks ass. Instantly made me want to get up and jump around. And then the melodic part hit and calmed me down a bit but it was short lived. I haven't heard anything like this in a very long time. I honestly though Hardcore had died a while back. This really took me back to my teens and I couldn't ask for anything else from the band.

The final song on the album is almost a tie for number one. "Forever Marked" was an absolute beast of a way to end the album. The mixing on this track was phenomenal and the chorus hit me right in the feels. This one is almost enchanting if I had to pick one word to describe it. The guys did an amazing job on this album and I can't wait to hear more from them in the future.

10 / 10









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"I Let The Devil In" Track-listing:

1. Into Despair
2. My Disguise
3. To Feel Empty
4. The Rope
5. Forever Marked

Currents Lineup:

Brian Wille - Vocals
Chris Wiseman - Guitar
Ryan Castaldi - Guitar
Dee Cronkite - Bass
Matt Young - Drums

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