CTHULUMINATI was formed in 2015, by Devi Hisgen, Rami Wohl and Stefan Strausz after playing […]
Cthuluminati - Reliqideus album cover

CTHULUMINATI was formed in 2015, by Devi Hisgen, Rami Wohl and Stefan Strausz after playing together for more than a year in Psychedelic Black 'N Roll formation Marquis. Driven to evolve their music even further into the unknown, a new format was chosen in which a Psychedelic musical flow stands central. The name "Cthuluminati" was chosen to represent the band's themes, incorporating modern conspiracies and mythology into classic Lovecraftian folklore. Soon after, Rick Lieffering (FENRIS) joined on drums. With a new complete line-up, the band played shows regularly across the Netherlands, and started recording their first full-length album 'Reliqideus" in the summer of 2016. With the aid of Bas the Rooij (main producer), Stephen van Haestrecht (recording and production on drums) and Toni Lindgren (mastering), the album was finished end of 2017.

Before releasing the album, Rick quit the band due to personal reasons, and the band decided to focus on building forth on the band's central themes, writing new music and stories around the band's musical content. In the summer of 2018, Seth van de Loo (SEVERE TORTURE) decided to join the band on drums, which turned out to be an unexpectedly perfect fit for the band's ambitions. After a year of preparations and hard work, they are ready to release "Reliqideus" and the stories behind the music, play live shows, and start recording the next of many future releases. The album contains six lengthy tracks.

"Illumni Fhtagn" opens the album, with a light rain, and winds that howl with a harrowing voice in the dark. The riff explores, reaching out. There are several elements here, including Psychadelic, Doom, and Black Metal. It's kind of like a modern day BLACK SABBATH, but twisted with dark arts...the magic of a necromancer. It keeps a steady tension throughout its mesmerizing sound. There are no vocals in this track...the focus is on building you into a hypnotic state where the music can bend you to its will. "El Lizard Birth" opens with church bells increasing in sound and speed, until the main riff hits. It has a old-school feeling to it, but yet retains a modern touch. The vocals are screamed but not in the traditional Black Metal way, at first. It's more like the rasp of Lemmy's voice but more intense. Then comes the blood-curling screams.

"Svartalfr" is over eleven minutes in length. It opens with the steady thump of bass guitar notes and some trippy clean guitar notes. You feel stuck between two worlds, and unsure which way to go. It takes a while to develop the main riff but when it hits, it brings the Doom with it. The vocals are raging and intense. The cadence remains strong the entire way through the song. "Supernatural Selection" opens with a more harrowing sound. It moves quickly, like an assassin slitting necks in the shadows. They let the sound develop, taking in deep breaths. Clean vocals some out of nowhere, and then it closes. "A Thin Line" is next. It has a psychedelic entrance with the lead guitar notes. It's an odd and eerie track, but something about it holds your attention. It's dissonant and a bit unconventional but it works.

"Umibozu" closes the album...a ten minute song. It takes its time developing...mysterious at first and then the main riff hits. It's Doomy and eerie, with an unconventional pattern. One thing is for sure, this band is not afraid of pushing boundaries. That's a constant on the album for sure. Just after the half-way mark the sound drops, and then it returns in a totally strange way...this is something you have not heard before. Thunderclaps and lightning close the album. What a strange treat this has been. Overall, this was fascinating album that came from many different angles. They successfully fused Black Metal, Doom Metal and even Psychedelic elements into something that you can reach out and grasp. They are masters at building ambiance, and pushing boundaries so that the listener does not stay flat footed. There is a lot of diversity here as well. Bravo!

8 / 10









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"Reliqideus" Track-listing:

1. Illumni Fhtagn
2. El Lizard Birth
3. Svartalfr
4. Supernatural Selection
5. A Thin Line
6. Umibozu

Cthuluminati Lineup:

Devi - Vocals and Guitar
Rami - Guitar
Strausz - Bass
Seth - Drums

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