Rot Gut Prophecies

Crypt Walk

If you are after a tutorial for massive pain and destruction, you have stumbled upon […]
By Jordan Rogers
October 15, 2020
Crypt Walk - Rot Gut Prophecies album cover

If you are after a tutorial for massive pain and destruction, you have stumbled upon the correct album. With the title "Rut Gut Prophecies", you probably didn't assume it was going to be any of that heartwarming shit, but damn, CRYPT WALK doesn't leave any room for the existential feeling of doom and destruction to go away. Every song is a new form of dark and twisted in all the best ways. The thundering pound of the bass, accompanied by the deep growls, heavy screaming, and screeching guitars leads to a downright epic album to thrash the system to!

Opening up with "Breeding Filth", it doesn't take long to get a feel for how heavy this album is going to be. This song has no chill right out of the gate, heavy on everything that Grindcore should be heavy on. The guitarist lays down heavy and deep sounds, making you feel the pain and anger behind the music, giving you that deep dark boost you need from delving into the depths of this terror inducing album. If you aren't sold yet, then you should either go find the album wherever you can purchase it and listen to the whole damn thing, or you could keep reading. But please, whatever you do, please follow the message in "Head Cleaner". It is the calmest part of the album, followed by much of the same destruction heard on the first track, but there is definitely something more sinister about this. Maybe the depths of darkness it goes after what is just portrayed, or maybe form your own opinion, I'm not in charge of how you think.

Maybe "Booze Mask" is just the darkness you need in your life. This song will have you examining your own drinking habits, right before it throws you into a heavy guitar riff and deep growling. It stomps on your heart and rips out your brain with a melody of destruction, prying on your soul with heart wrenching drums, all while tearing you down through the screamed lyrics. This song is truly a heavy masterpiece that needs to be heard. If society makes you feel like you need a place to vent some anger, buy this damn album, listen to it on repeat, and jam the hell out! I'm almost positive you will not be disappointed.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Rot Gut Prophecies" Track-listing:

1. Breeding Filth
2. Head Cleaner
3. Widespread Neurosis
4. Company Man
5. Booze Mask
6. Every Day I Get Worse
7. Trash People
8. Hag Magnet
9. Pig Sticker

Crypt Walk Lineup:


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