CRUXITER is a Texas based Traditional Metal Band. The self-titled album, reminds me of IRON […]
By Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy
December 26, 2013
Cruxiter - Cruxiter album cover

CRUXITER is a Texas based Traditional Metal Band. The self-titled album, reminds me of IRON MAIDEN in sound. Fast, heavy, with that classic high pitched clean vocal. The flow is very smooth and kind of catchy. This is another that I can't help but to move to as I listen. They're not afraid to show their dark side, but they're not completely demented. This is quality stuff. "Devils of Heavy Metal" has jumped into my list favorites upon first listen.

The music is intricate, not boring at all. The drum work is insatiable. Rick Ortiz is on top of his game. He can go fast, he can go slowly, and he can switch smoothly back and forth. The guitar work is just amazing. They as well are smooth, catchy, and flow magnificently. The vocals are high pitched, and screams are even higher pitched. If that ain't your thing then foo on you. As a whole, the transitions are very smooth. The music is very well composed, and versatile.

These guys are great. They don't seem to repeat themselves much, they constantly change. The catchy, smooth flow of the music shows the diligence they have in perfecting the art. This is a band that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes enjoys Metal, especially by those who love the roots of heavy metal. They certainly had me hooked right at the first track. 

10 / 10


"Cruxiter" Track-listing:

1. Traveler
2. Paradise Found
3. Fall Back and Cower
4. When You Lose
5. Tall Dark Glass
6. Devils of Heavy Metal
7. The Church_ May Eve
8. The Key Traveler (Live in Houston, TX)

Cruxiter Lineup:

Joe Gonzalez - Vocals
Miggy - Guitars
Carlos Llanas - Guitars
Andy Gonzalez - Bass
Rick Ortiz - Drums

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