Crushing Sun

And I was wondering where such bands were hiding. After the success of the high […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
July 13, 2010
Crushing Sun - Tao album cover

And I was wondering where such bands were hiding. After the success of the high and mighty GOJIRA, I was sure that bands with similar sound would appear out of nowhere. The fact is that despite my initial bias, these guys managed to make me shut the fuck up and enjoy (approximately) 50 minutes of good, extreme, modern music. Thumbs up CRUSHING SUN!

For my surprise, the band hails from Portugal. Not that I have anything against this country, it has even produced some great Metal bands throughout the years, but it just didn't fit right in my mind. Anyway, after two demos and a split release with the also Portuguese E.A.K. the band recorded its first ever full-length album "Tao", which has been released through Major Label Industries (this is the first time I hear about this label by the way).

Hmmm, regarding the musical section now. I guess this could be a really hard task if it wasn't for GOJIRA. I wouldn't be able to describe the band's music, but GOJIRA is surely the best example for you to understand how CRUSHING SUN sound like. Of course it is not as bad as it seems. The Portuguese guys have infused their own style into this sound and have created something that is pretty interesting to say the least. "Tao" is comprised of 11 well worked tracks that won't let you get bored easily, an incredible rhythm section that has the precision of a Swiss clock and a singer that screams his lungs out!

I have to admit that I was charmed by the band's brilliant ideas throughout the album (the melodic break in "Jane's Trail" for example). CRUSHING SUN have managed to combine those heavy as hell riffs that take over and let you lose control of your headbanging system, as well as "trippy" moments that drag you into their own world full of almost psychedelic scenery.

Once again, thumbs up for CRUSHING SUN, since the guys have shown that they can do a shitload of stuff in the future (they're already doing it to be more precise). I will be waiting to see them climb rapidly to the status they deserve to have. Wake up people and take a closer look at this quartet!

8 / 10


"Tao" Track-listing:
  1. Rain
  2. Cantilever
  3. The End
  4. Jane's Trail
  5. T,hatcher
  6. 12379 Seconds
  7. Love
  8. 20 To 22000 Hertz
  9. 37+° Celsius
  10. Grey Scent
  11. Strip And Deceit
Crushing Sun Lineup:

Bruno Silva - Vocals
Paulo Lopes - Guitar
Rui Pinto - Bass
Marco S. - Drums

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