At first, I thought that this was a demo CD since it is a CD-R […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
August 29, 2007
Crusade - Resilience album cover

At first, I thought that this was a demo CD since it is a CD-R with a photocopied cover. While reading the bio notes in an A4 copy contained in the case and since I listened to it many times, I realized that it is a full-length album that follows every single rule that will help it become a valuable listening item for every extreme Metal fan. It seems that CRUSADE have found the secret recipe for success.

The Austrian extreme metallers CRUSADE are already active for ten whole years! I didn't even know this band exists, but as it seems I made a great mistake to miss their earlier works (if they have the level this album has). Resilience is an album full of brutality and sickness that will leave you begging for more. Even though my first impression was that CRUSADE would be one more common Metalcore band, they managed to prove me wrong and deliver an album that mixes many different elements while managing to maintain an original and personal style.

This band has gathered elements from many bands (most of them happen to belong to my favorite ones) and has created a mixture of groove and sickness. To be more precise, CRUSADE is the crossroad where FEAR FACTORY's incredible rhythm section meets with DYING FETUS' brutality, MISERY INDEX's Hardcore beatdown moments and SLAYER's Thrash Metal assault! The fact that CRUSADE have already releases a debut album in 1998 and a mini CD in 2004 shows that they had the time to work and become a tight unit of great musicians that are ready to show the world their own opinion on Deathcore.

One more thing that attracted my attention was that in July 2004, the band played as a support act to the high and mighty FEAR FACTORY, and FF's singer Burton C. Bell joined CRUSADE on stage to perform a classic FF song (I don't know which one). I have already described the music to you, blasts, mid tempo Hardcore moments, groove and a thrashy feeling that floats in the air. What about the production? CRUSADE have managed to create a sound that enters the feeling of each track and is acting just like a chameleon; it takes the track's shape. Other times you will come across heavy and solid guitars, while some other times you will listen to a harsh and cold poisonous guitar spitting the poison it held for so long!

I believe that CRUSADE will have the same effect on you, as they had on me. From the first time that you will listen to Resilience, the Austrian metallers will just make you fall in love with them. I think hat you should try to purchase their album no matter what! If you want to buy it, you can visit the band's official homepage, or buy it online on Itunes.Com, and

8 / 10


"Resilience" Track-listing:

On The Verge Of Collapse
Verbal Defecation
Places Of Worship
Reaping Tempest
Walls Of Liberty

Crusade Lineup:

Martin - Vocals
Marin - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andreas - Bass
Alexander - Drums

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