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From their EPK, "CROWN LANDS are born storytellers, with eyes on this world and others....painters […]
Crown Lands - Fearless album cover

From their EPK, "CROWN LANDS are born storytellers, with eyes on this world and others....painters of strange, absorbing universes. Advocates for the LGBTQ+ and indigenous communities. Counter-culturalists for the 21st century, informed by a cocktail of old-world thinking, science-fiction, and musical narrators from RUSH to PAUL SIMON, LED ZEPPELIN to JOHN PRINE. It's Prog Rock, but not as you know it." The album has nine songs.

"Starlifter: Fearless Pt. II" is the first. It's a beastly 18 minutes long. I definitely hear some RUSH and even TRIUMPH in that opening section, especially considering the bass guitar in context of the keys and rhythm guitar. Cody's voice is very high...is he Geddy Lee incarnate? It has the groove and vibe of "Hemispheres" with a good deal of melody to boot. The middle section is an exploration of sorts. Different atmospheres take you on a ride through the universe. Then the bass of off and running in a tight rhythmic display where the duo showcases their outstanding musicianship. The sound comes back to the beginning with bright and playful melodies. "Dreamer of the Dawn" is much shorter, but still rocks with that signature RUSH sound of the late 70's...or is it the 80's? This song seems to transcend their time period work. I love the simple catchiness of this tune. It brings positive memories to my mind.

"The Shadow" is heavier and a bit darker also. This song has a different vibe then the two that preceded it, with more concise songwriting. It is still catchy though. "Right Way Back" is the third shorter song in a row. This song has more energy, and more drive, with LED ZEPPELIN vibes to it, but the chorus is all out melody. The band does a better job if it then their predecessor in my opinion. "Context: Fearless Pt. 1" has some wonderful guitar work, and delicate vocal harmonies. Again, the RUSH influence comes through strong, which as a lifelong fan, I am not complaining at all. The bass work is fantastic as well. "Reflections" has a "Xanadu" vibe, with the swells and how the rhythms are phrased. I love the accents in this song, and it so damn melodic, with big hooks. "Penny" is a short little jaunt, full of pretty guitar melodies. How do they do this song after song? Let this one ride up your spine and into your heart, for it will fill you with joy.

"Lady of the Lake" was the first single I heard off the album and it caught my ear immediately. This steady rocker has many elements of past super-giants but also has the band's own personality, and man does vocalist Cody" shatters the glass ceiling. "Citadel" closes the album. It's a sadder song, but also one with an invigorating message. Spinefarm Records always finds the coolest bands out there. I am not usually in favor of a throw-back kind of sound, because it's been done before. Although much of the structure and melodies are from the past, with a strong influence from RUSH, ZEPPELIN, and TRIUMPH, the band has all of their personality in their music as well, and dare I say this...is every bit as good at melody as these three giants. This is an album that you simply must hear.

10 / 10









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"Fearless" Track-listing:

1. Starlifter: Fearless Pt. II
2. Dreamer of the Dawn
3. The Shadow
4. Right Way Back
5. Context: Fearless Pt. I
6. Reflections
7. Penny
8. Lady of the Lake
9. Citadel

Crown Lands Lineup:

Cody Bowles - Vocals, Drums
Kevin Comeau - Guitars, Keyboards

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