CROSSPLANE is a German hard rock band named after the most popular crankshaft configuration used […]
By Zohar Racz
May 5, 2015
Crossplane - Masterboned album cover

CROSSPLANE is a German hard rock band named after the most popular crankshaft configuration used in V8 road cars. "Masterboned" is their second album in two years, following 2013's "Class Of Hellhound High".

"We are CROSSPLANE and we play Rock'n'Roll!" is their war cry every time they take stage. Indeed, Self-referring to themselves as a Rock band, Rock'n'rollers, rockers etc. is an element that repeats itself at least 4 times in the albums' lyrics. This actually makes CRFOSSPLANE sound as if they're too keen on convincing us who and what they are. In theatre language, CROSSPLANE are over acting.

In their rush to create an album that will be as powerful as the engine part they named their selves after, it seems that paying attention to more fine details was forgotten. For instance, the 4 first songs sound pretty much the same. Another neglected musical aspect is the guitar work. Solos are repetitive, mostly meaningless, completely generic and lacking any personality in melody and sound. It's hard to judge whether it's just Alex's ability or not having enough time in the studio. The result feels incomplete either way. The weakest point of the album however is the vocals. As much I respect the Lemmy esque snarling singing style, singer Chelli takes it way too far. His over use of this vocal mannerism, especially on songs such as "Sweet Little Rockabella" got me wondering if Muppet show "animals" are making a guest appearance here.

"Masterboned" is an unripe album, to be gentle. The band has a long way to go, but at least they seem to be very serious about walking it.

3 / 10


"Masterboned" Track-listing:

1. Brave New World
2. Crossplane
3. Masterboned
4. Down
5. Rock'n'Roll Medicine
6. Bumsucker
7. Sweet Little Rockabella
8. Magical Queen
9. Maneater
10. We Want More
11. The Battle In Me
12. Psycho
13. Get The Rhythm
14. Time Machine
15. It Is Me
16. Real Life

Crossplane Lineup:

Celli- Vocals, Guitar
Alex- Guitar
Matthias- Drums
Schluppi- Bass

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