Evil Never Dies

Critical Solution

CRITICAL SOLUTION on their debut album "Evil Never Dies" are bringing the sound of the […]
By Andrija "TheIslander" Petrovic
October 31, 2013
Critical Solution - Evil Never Dies album cover

CRITICAL SOLUTION on their debut album "Evil Never Dies" are bringing the sound of the finest 80`s Thrash Metal in form of a concept album (is it just me or everyone these days are making concept albums?). It`s a story of Wallace Green and his deal with the "Dark One". Wallace with his company sailing to the Sad Hill, where he assassinates the king, with his death following. After his death, he makes a deal with the devil to live again, becoming Soulmaker, spreading terror across the world...

Although the Norway is more famous for the Black Metal movement, these guys make a difference with this album. "Evil Never Dies" starts with amazing deal of energy that`s just bursting from the beginning. The amazing drumming and bass that just hunts you from one track to the other, with occasional guitar solos just to shake you, and vocalist that has similar style and sound to James Hetfield is what this release and CRITICAL SOLUTION offers. Although it may seem like a copy of METALLICA, it`s not the case.

The passion for the music can be heard in each of 14 tracks on this album. The tracks are packed with lots of Thrash riffs, excellent lead guitars and besides that some addition of traditional Heavy Metal elements for maximum variation.

The album is consisted of eleven own compositions with addition of three cover versions (not really needed... but oh, well...).

The story of this band starts back in the 2005, and it took 8 long years to get to the debut album, with one EP "Evidence Of Things Unseen" back in 2011, and "Evil Never Dies" is a perfect way to start worldwide career. Although it`s self-released album, it sure sounds like something coming from the finest production. Which is the case, considering that it was produced by Andy La Roscque, that guests with guitar solos on "Killed By Death" and "Seek & Destroy", with Whitfield Crane doing vocals on "Killed By Death".

It`s hard to pick the best track from this release, cause they all sound great on their own way, even the covers. It`s fast paced album, almost all the way. Great energy, great story with amazing musicians... That`s what it`s all about. 

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Evil Never Dies" Track-listing:

1. God Of Anarchy.
2. Sad Hill
3. Crime Of Passion
4. Wallace Green
5. This Burning Hate
6. The Execution
7. Dead Man Walkin'
8. Evil Never Dies
9. Soulmaker
10. Hell's Warrior
11. War Machine
12. Speed King (Deep Purple cover)
13. Killed By Death (Morothead cover)
14. Seek And Destroy (Metallica cover)

Critical Solution Lineup:

Christer Slettebø - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Egil Mydland - Drums
Tov Glesnes - Rhythm Guitar
Eimund Grøsfjell - Bass

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