Order of Decadence

Critical Extravasation

It's a pity really. CRITICAL EXTRAVASATION comes from Moscow, which means that we will not […]
By MetalWim
January 31, 2023
Critical Extravasation - Order of Decadence album cover

It's a pity really. CRITICAL EXTRAVASATION comes from Moscow, which means that we will not be able to see them live rather soon. The current situation  their home country is in will not allow them to roam the world freely. Why is that a pity? Because the Technical Death Metal they play on "Order of Decadence", their debut full length album, is very catchy. Yes, I know, that does sound a bit corny, but somehow I just can't stop listening to this beautiful racket.

CRITICAL EXTRAVASATION has been an active band since 2018, and have released an EP and two singles so far. They could be okay, but I don't know, as I haven't heard them. As we all know it is impossible to keep up with all the physical releases in the Metal world, let alone keeping up with the digital ones as well. I haven't even got enough time to listen to the album of some of my favourite artists, as I wish to keep up with reviewing. So, I don't feel bad about missing good stuff from big bands.

What I do really enjoy is discovering new bands that have something to say. Just look at my top 10 of 2022, and you'll know what I mean. And thus far 2023 is also promising to be very fruitful. The surprises are ruining my ears left, right and centre, and I have to admit that CRITICAL EXTRAVASATION and this album "Order of Decadence" definitely fits the bill.

Even though they play Technical Death Metal, CRITICAL EXTRAVASATION never goes overboard and try to cram too many notes per minute into the songs. No, they are able to make you enjoy every note, keeping the sound as open as possible. And to be quite frank, that is brilliant! I now have the same feeling of elation as when "Focus" by CYNIC and "Spheres" by PESTILENCE were released. They took me on a journey of discovery that was exhilarating. A feeling that was greatly enhanced when I got the chance to see them play live, as those two bands decided to tour together. And now the same is happening while listening to "Order of Decadence",  so you can officially consider me a rather happy Metal bunny! I could be even happier, but that would mean that CRITICAL EXTRAVASATION is coming my way to play live. Well, a guy can dream, right?

8 / 10









"Order of Decadence" Track-listing:

1 Waltz of Hypocrisy
2 Clotted Negligence
3 Doctrine of Atrophy
4 Feast on Dreams
5 Redeeming Flames
6 Devastating Virtue
7 Derniers Mots

Critical Extravasation Lineup:

Sergey Stepanenko - Guitars, Vocals
Viktor Khaychenko - Vocals, Bass
Alexandr Mokin - Drums

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