Devil Reveals


I am always glad to see new albums from bands I have reviewed in the […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
July 18, 2009
Cripper - Devil Reveals album cover

I am always glad to see new albums from bands I have reviewed in the past, especially when I wasn't so satisfied but I saw some potential in them. One of these bands is CRIPPER and their new album Devil Reveals is here to prove that these guys & a girl (and what a girl) are not amateurs. Let's see what we've got here...

The German act released its debut album (through the same label) last year, and although I found some interesting stuff in there, I can't say that I was amazed. But as I said back then, I saw some potential and I was hoping that the band's next effort would be much better. Devil Reveals proves me right, since the Germans offer us a Thrash Metal whirlwind!

The sound is slightly better, the band has gotten a bit more technical and the guitar works fucking kills! Britta's vocals are monstrous once again, and we are not talking about a chick that uses harsh/brutal techniques. We are talking about macho vocals that will surely make many male singers hide (and she is still deadly beautiful). Back then they reminded me a lot of RECKLESS TIDE. Their new album is kind of more modern, with some Thrash complexity, mostly due to the incredible work that has been done by CRIPPER's rhythm section, especially Helwig's bass lines are something to watch out for!

The good thing about CRIPPER's new album is that the German act has managed to keep a balance between their classic Thrash roots and the modern requirements, creating an album that both old school and new thrashers will probably like. So, if you are searching for something with LEGION OF THE DAMNED's aggression, a bit of old classic Thrash with good riffing and a gorgeous woman with balls bigger than yours, then CRIPPER is a good choice. Enjoy...

7 / 10


"Devil Reveals" Track-listing:

I [...]
Life Is Deadly
Kids Killing Kids
Caged With A Gun
Junkie Shuffle
More Than 4
I Am The Pit
Devil Reveals
Methods In Madness

Cripper Lineup:

Britta Gortz - Vocals
Christian Brohenhorst - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jonathan Stenger - Guitar
Bass-T Helwig - Bass
Dennis Weber - Drums

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