Last Poetry Line

Crimson Wind

The second studio work by these Italian Symphonic Power Metallers hailing from Palermo will be […]
By YngwieViking
February 21, 2015
Crimson Wind - Last Poetry Line album cover

The second studio work by these Italian Symphonic Power Metallers hailing from Palermo will be out in the streets on February 23rd, 2015, entitled "Last Poetry Line" and contains nine tracks - plus a bonus in the physical edition, and it's clearly a more matured team that had recorded this disc, a band of new resilience, now delivered from the too obvious influenced method present in the promising but ultra-ragged and impersonal debut called "The Wings Of Salvation" (2011).

I think that also the rookie singer Guido Marcaine gave another sound to CRIMSON WIND's sophomore CD, without sounding too forced and without mimicking the predictable high pitched vibrato of some famous Italian screamers, he provide a more mastered vocal style, not strident, still quite piercing and with remarkable confidence but more AORish if you prefer!

The music itself reveals to be less caricatural and less systematic, yet if the pace and the drums performance is still pretty intensive the overall impression is more steady, much more controlled than in the early frenzy blast, this new creative behavior enhanced with catchy melodies, original structures ("Black Shelter"/"Still") and seriously pondered arrangements & Keyboards lines will serve to categorize CRIMSON WIND nowadays in the finest rank of the Symphonic Prog Metal movement!

Particularly obvious in the slow tempo numbers like ballads "The Hills Gaze In Silence" and "Whisper" or "Heirloom", this new style of piano driven songs add the impression of a more clever songwriting, a fresh and subtle approach!

The Heaviest moments are more groovy than before, displaying a addictive headbangin' mania with "In Vain" ultra catchy especially when the chunking riffages are completed by the energetic keyboard dominance particularly prominent in "The Storm" .

Some cuts are still in the sharp Epic galloping Metal formula, with all the spaghetti stereotypical elements of RHAPSODY OF FIRE and LABYRINTH ("Death Dwells In Sight" or the title track) but in large minority, even the bonus track contains this more restricted and smart process of maturity .

A recommended purchase for the curious minds and the followers of everything Symphonic or Progressive in the underground Mediterranean model... Yep, kind of poetic!

8 / 10


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"Last Poetry Line" Track-listing:

1. Black Shelter
2. Last Poetry Line
3. Death Dwells in Sight
4. In Vain
5. The Hills Gaze in Silence
6. Still
7. The Storm
8. Whisper
9. Heirloom
10. Farewell Is Forever 

Crimson Wind Lineup:

Niki Zummo - Bass
Guido Marcaione - Lead Vocals
Giuseppe Taormina - Guitar
Claudio Florio - Drums
Diego Galati - Keyboard 

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