Order Of The Shadows

Crimson Day

CRIMSON DAY is an interesting new Power Metal group, playing with sheer class this noble […]
December 14, 2015
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CRIMSON DAY is an interesting new Power Metal group, playing with sheer class this noble style improved with a surprising sonic concept, a balance between the traditional elements but most of all based around a strong sense of melody! And reaching an upper level by adding a brand new flair by adding some subtle colors, from spiced Prog Metal components melted with the typical Nordic virtuosity ("Burning Redemption"), a band far from the blind orthodoxy and the somehow archaïc preconceptions of this overcrowded genre!

Hailing from Tampere, in South Finland, CRIMSON DAY is a quintet that has worked hard in the underground to find a label, before that they released a self-titled EP in 2013. I believe this much sought-after disc is a real collector item now!

Anyway, "Order Of The Shadows" will be easier to find in any of the online shop of the famous Metal merchants in Europe, it proves that there is still a bright future for lot of ambitious and yet unbounded bands coming from the land of the thousand lakes (and the smuggling Vodka) but also a new hope for the Scandinavian Metal in general. Another spontaneous generation of Heavy headbanger musicians wave is about to invading our prosperous countries, like their glorious elders but this time armed with six strings sharp axes!

Of course, they don't reinvent the Steel or the machine to frost the snow, of course we heard all of that many times before, but finally who really cares, it's blood Power Metal for God sakes and when it red, hot and heavy the essential is promised and my trust is granted!

The vocal similarities with the legendary Kai Hansen (HELLOWEEN/GAMMA RAY/IRON SAVIOR) are surprising and obvious, but I believe that Valtteri Heiskanen reveal his mastery all along the full length of this first album!

Highlights are numerous but tracks like "Fatal Destination", "Stormborn", the NWOBHM pounding sound of "Sandstalker" and the long closer epic number-clocking at seven minutes "The Gathering" are providing an excellent mood to my analysis, so I need to recommend this "Order Of The Shadows" to the rapturous Metalheads with enough curiosity and enthusiasm to still be able to enjoy life and music as in their teenage era!!

8 / 10


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"Order Of The Shadows" Track-listing:

1. Enter The Order
2. Stormborn
3. And Then Came Death
4. Sandstalker
5. Order Of The Shadows
6. Lies About Paradise
7. Far From Serenity
8. Burning Redemption
9. Fatal Destination
10. Blessed Be Thy Hate
11. The Gathering

Crimson Day Lineup:

Jesse Kämäräinen - Bass
Tuomas Lesonen - Drums
Ari Balzar - Guitars
Valtteri Heiskanen - Vocals
Jesse Liukkonen - Guitars

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