Heavenly Skies


"Heavenly Skies" by CREPUSCLE, their second album, was released October 11, 2019. Originally known as […]
By Laura Glover
November 1, 2019
Crepuscle - Heavenly Skies album cover

"Heavenly Skies" by CREPUSCLE, their second album, was released October 11, 2019. Originally known as DRACONIAN WINTER in 2006, with members ranging from 14-18 years old. Over time this lineup of early members changed drastically to who we have playing for us today. After this shift, ELIGIO and the new members all decided that it was also a time for a name change to signify the shift. However, in memory of the bands beginnings the very first album was titled "Draconian Winter".

"Heavenly Skies" is an album with some very symphonic sound. It took the band years to settle on this sound. I do believe they hit the mark with the sound they settled with. Its keyboards add synthesis to the heavy riffs by the guitar. Also note, I'm coming for that double LP with blue swirl and splatter pattern of theirs. If there's any left that is. Talk about gorgeous and a great addition to a collection. "Aurora" when the first song of an album is one you immediately jump to as your favorite, you know you have a winner. This song has those beautiful keyboard notes as intro, as it melts into the guitar, bass, and drums. This song has a very atmospheric metal sound.

"Heavenly Skies has blistering vocals, and fast beats. This song has a velocity that carries you throughout it. While also still having those symphonics that set it so far above. This song is heavenly indeed. It has vocals worthy of headbanging to. These guys play so well together. "Ethereal Waters" is a song whose name brings to mind the lady of the lake in the King Arthur legends. Ethereal truly and resoundingly metal. We are swept away by the atmospheric quality to swiftly carry us to the intense vocals. "Elapsing Eternity is a synthesis to metal glory, with Eligio Tapia's amazing vocals. This is a song whose velocity takes us through the dark recesses of melo-death and mixes some progressive sounding vocals. I truly love the way the keyboards add to this song.

I would like to add that Eligio Tapia has been passionate about this band since his teen years. All the years of passion for metal have climaxed into a very well mastered sound. In addition to that, the passion of the new bandmates who all make a very well-oiled metal machine. I am interested to see this bands future. I can only get better from here.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Heavenly Skies" Track-listing:

1. Aurora
2. Heavenly Skies
3. Faultline
4. Severed
5. Ethereal Waters
6. In the Winds of Glory
7. Lunar Lullaby
8. Elapsing Eternity
9. Resignation
10. Road to Peril
11. Limitless

Crepuscle Lineup:

Eligio Tapia - Vocals
Gavin Devaughn - Bass
Aaron Robitch - Keyboards
JB Schuler - Drums
Cameron Stucky - Guitar

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