Where the Blood Flows Down the Mountains


The Swiss band Cremation has been on the metal scene for a long time, created […]
By Bruno Diniz
February 13, 2023
Cremation - Where the Blood Flows Down the Mountains album cover

The Swiss band Cremation has been on the metal scene for a long time, created in 1992 the band produced no less than five studio albums until they arrived in "Where the Blood Flows Down the Mountains", which was released through the studio Czar of Crickets. The genre is based on the pure Death Metal of the nineties, without additions of new elements appealing to the most classic and nostalgic fans, without the slightest intention of recreating or giving more modern airs to those who listen to them. The album cover is very interesting, also working with classic elements bringing in his booklet images and references of Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy", all within the context of what the band proposes. As for mastering and mixing everything fits within the expected here, each instrument can be heard with sufficient clarity, just like Serge's vocals, sometimes the guitar is minimally slightly below expectation in my opinion, but it's so minimal, it doesn't cause a bigger problem here.

A duração das faixas tem uma variação entre quatro e seis minutos e meio a começar por "Burning Beneath The Surface" that has a growing intro sound just to set you here, it's as if a hurricane is starting far away and quickly reaching where you are, the guitar riffs are very direct, and the music is gaining more and more speed packed many times by mind-blowing blast beats, there are some small breaks for rest avoiding repetition,  but they are well compensated with enough weight on the vocals to stay above the line. "Digital Dependency" keep pulling the ferocity of the band, and here it is already possible to realize that if you keep things as they are, you will certainly appreciate the experience you had and certainly the one you will see next. "Plaguelord" turns to a more solid rhythm, filled with time-changes this track features many breaks and an interesting game on vocals that keep changing at many moments, sometimes the edge of Black, and even almost clean making a positive impression.

"Among The Braindead" differently from its predecessors maintains basically the same beat throughout its duration also recounting more melodic moments. "Break The Cycle" features a good and elegant introduction made Thomas on bass and a very interesting growing guitar riff, in "Timebomb" is perhaps where it is most evident all the brutality and hatred embodied in the voice of Serge. Reaching "... And The Rivers Turn Red" ends the work the same way we walked the entire route, in a straight, strong and massive line, an instrumental song, well loaded with feelings and reflexive in its long stretches, ready to please those who delight in the death of the nineties.

8 / 10









"Where the Blood Flows Down the Mountains" Track-listing:

1. Burning Beneath The Surface
2. Digital Dependency
3. Plaguelord
4. Among The Braindead
5. Break The Cycle
6. Timebomb
7. Blooddrill
8 ...And The Rivers Turn Red

Cremation Lineup:

Serge - Vocals
Marco - Guitar
Roger - Guitar
Thomas - Bass
Ramon  - Drums

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