Ride The Bullet


CREATURE are a Monster Pop band hailing from Montreal, Quebec. CREATURE have just released their […]
By Chelsea Jennings
December 9, 2015
Creature - Ride The Bullet album cover

CREATURE are a Monster Pop band hailing from Montreal, Quebec. CREATURE have just released their latest offering "Ride The Bullet" Via Kathargo Records.

CREATURE's latest record is quiet a jumbled confusion to the listener. Some tracks are purely musical and end at random without any warning. Tracks like "Intro", "Ride The Bullet", and "No Voice Rumors" end abruptly, and make the listener feel like they are missing something and want something more. The songs feel unfinished, like they are half-written.

Other tracks like "Can't You Realize" and "Can't Break Out" seem more complete with lyrics and a theme to them. They are decent songs that alone have some potential to make a great record, but interspersed with random songs that end abruptly make "Ride The Bullet" seem like it has no real direction in which CREATURE intended to go. It leaves the listener very confused and lost as to where the band is going to go, and why they might even want to go there in the first place.

Far as the musicianship on the record goes, some tracks such as "Don't Believe In Rumors" and "LA" have decent musicianship to the, but on other tracks such as "L.O.V.E." it sounds like the guitars are breaking while they are playing their track. The sound that ensues in tracks like "L.O.V.E." are again horrendous and really detract from the sound and overall quality of the entire album as a whole.

CREATURE seem to have some potential tracks that could really be great, but it is derailed by the random tracks that are abruptly ending without any real signal or sign as to where the band want to take the music. There are other times when their instruments make horrible sounds that sound like they are being ruined or failing. It's a real shame as sometimes CREATURE have a massive sound to them, that really gives the Monster Pop idea potential, but it is derailed by a lack of direction and solid musicianship that fails them at many points throughout the album. This really makes "Ride The Bullet" a hard album to listen to, and leaves the listener confused and wanting explanation as to what exactly this band is even trying to do. 

3 / 10


"Ride The Bullet" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Nervous Breakdown
3. Ride The Bulet
4. Can't You Realize
5. Don't Believe In Rumors
6. Deep Down-N-Dirty
7. LA
8. Heroes
9. Spit
10. Bitch (Part I)
11. Bitch (Part II)
12. Can't Break Out
13. Break
14. L.O.V.E.
15. No Voice Rumors

Creature Lineup:

Kim Ho - Vocals & Guitars
Lisa Ivvy - Vocals, Percussion, & Keyboards
Sheena Ko - Vocals & Bass
Sid Zanforlin - Vocals & Drums

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