Blood Is Life

Crack Up

Straight from Hünxe, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the band CRACK UP released "Blood Is Life" on […]
By Bruno Diniz
August 4, 2023
Crack Up - Blood Is Life album cover

Straight from Hünxe, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the band CRACK UP released "Blood Is Life" on April 28, 2023, a sonic journey through death metal and beyond. The Album consists in first two releases of the German scene veterans and make them accessible to listeners in modern times. A remaster was deliberately avoided, because Andy Classen already had 27 years ago a feel for the sound controls and any modernization would also be to the detriment of the spirit that blew through the scene at the time and which you can almost breathe through the original production - only the artwork was reworked due to the lack of original data.

The album offers an energetic musical experience full of intensity. The opening track, "Blood Is Life" sets the tone with a mix of impactful drumbeats and abrasive guitar riffs, while the instrumentation expands in varying directions, exploring catchy sonic textures. "Unburden" highlights the band's technical skill, with fluid transitions between aggressive passages and more melodic moments. The cohesion between instruments creates an engaging listening experience, amplifying the sense of immersion in the complex musical layers.

"Wounded" dives into a more concise but equally intense approach, with guitars that create an oppressive sonic backdrop. The instrumental part further enriches the emotional atmosphere of the song.  "Voices" offers a more melodic and reflective approach, exploring complex interactions between instruments that generate a sense of stillness and excitement simultaneously. The beautiful work of the guitars is evident, adding an additional dimension to the track. "Is Life Failing" demonstrates the band's ability to fuse aggression and melody through rhythm changes that maintain an engaging dynamic. The clean vocals, again, are present, adding a rich variety of tones to the composition. "Forever in Me" begins with a slower pace that gradually evolves, capturing a range of emotions and demonstrating the band's musical depth. The instrumental part expands the experience with its creative nuances.

"Hatred Unfolds" returns aggressively, illustrating the corrosive power of hate. The density of the instrumentation and the fierce vocals stand out, while the instrumental elements are explored broadly. "Cycle of Need" maintains momentum, tackling themes of addiction and desire. The cohesion between the band members is evident, creating a solid foundation, while the instrumental part contributes to the infectious energy of the song. The album concludes with "Painted Black," a track that incorporates intricate guitar solos and lyrics that explore existential questions. The instrumental part, once again, plays a crucial role, raising the emotional intensity of the album's closing.

The new remaster of CRACK UP, results from its days as Rotting Misery to its current incarnation, is evident in "Blood Is Life." The album captures the essence of death 'n' roll, combining aggression and introspection in a unique way. With exceptional musical skills and an engaging thematic approach, CRACK UP reaffirms its position as an innovative force in the death metal underground scene they were at time.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Blood Is Life" Track-listing:

1. Blood Is Life
2. Unburden
3. Wounded
4. Voices
5. Failing
6. Forever in Me?
7. Hatred Unfolds
8. Cycle of Need
9. Painted Black
10. Fading Away

Crack Up Lineup:

Dirk Oschatz - Guitars, Vocals
Tim Schnetgöke - Vocals, Bass
Frank Schlinkert - Drums, Vocals
Helvin Pour - Guitars

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