Downfall Of Honesty


Holy fucking Steve Di Giorgio's bass! What the fuck is this thing? Who the fuck […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 5, 2007
Courageous - Downfall Of Honesty album cover

Holy fucking Steve Di Giorgio's bass! What the fuck is this thing? Who the fuck are COURAGEOUS? This album came like a fucking blast out of nowhere! I am definitely going to search for some information about these crazy thrashers and I will also try to find some of their earlier works. I still haven't calmed down from this Thrash Metal holocaust! Let's get on with it...

Thrash Metal band COURAGEOUS comes from Frankfurt/Main, Germany. The band features Gerd Lucking, who is also a member of the German Power Metal act REBELLION. I do not know if there were any demo releases, but I found out that their debut album Inertia was released in 2004 by Mausoleum Records. Two years later (this album was released last year but just came in), the band released its second full-length album Downfall Of Honesty through Mausoleum again.

If they keep up like this, I don't think Mausoleum will have this band in its roster for too long. I am sure that one bigger label will grab them before Mausoleum's eyes. So, when was the last time that you listened to a CD by a band totally unknown to you and this CD grabbed your nuts until they bleed? Hmmm, I think I had such an experience some days ago, when I first listened to Downfall Of Honesty by COURAGEOUS. The album shows its destructive intentions right from the start. I really didn't know that there are still bands that write such mega riffs! The band plays an incredible mix of late ANNIHILATOR with some Heavy/Power Metal elements that make the overall result sound like a nuclear bomb. The riffs are fucking awesome, the melodies kick-ass, the voice melodic and brutal at the same time (the style this guy sings reminded me of ANNIHILATOR's Dave Padden) and a rhythm section that kills! The production has created a strong and solid sound that elevates the band even higher. I do not want to fill your head with plenty and incredible comments about COURAGEOUS. I just want to say that the Metal scene definitely needs such bands! We already have enough pussies with eyeliners and shitty songs. COURAGEOUS is a band with big balls, so big that everyone can see them!

This band is by far the most pleasant surprise 2007 was hiding for me, until now at least. Thrashers MUST buy this album! We are talking about a killer release here! Do not miss this album! One of the best Thrash Metal releases I have recently come across for sure! I do not know who writes the music, but I am pretty sure that Jeff Waters just found a rival, a crazy riff machine!

8 / 10


"Downfall Of Honesty" Track-listing:

The System Has Failed
A Million Eyes
Praise Thy Name
Downfall Of Honesty
Alter Ego
My Sheltered Dishonour
Hollow Creation
Human Sacrifice
Scarified Hypocrisy
Days Of Wrath
The Guf (The Final Sign)

Courageous Lineup:

Chris Staubach - Vocals
Gerd Lucking - Guitar
Oliver Lohmann - Guitar
Jurgen Wieland - Bass
Jan Mischon - Drums

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