CORVUS are a UK AOR/Melodic Rock band with a twist not like your usual suspects […]
February 26, 2024

CORVUS are a UK AOR/Melodic Rock band with a twist not like your usual suspects from Sweden. Their debut album “Chasing Miracles” was released in 2015.This is only their second album which comes 9 years later from the debut, They are now back with album number two “Immortals”. Having played numerous festivals in the past hopefully there will be a tour in support of this latest album. “Immortals” opens with a track called “Hero” and does not particularly grab me and draw me in if I’m honest, it has a nice chorus but i would not have chosen this as the opening track. ”Let Me In” the second track is a much better track than the opener a great AOR track with great guitars and keyboards. Track 3 “Immortals” is the first single and title track from the album, which is great AOR with a modern twist and in the vein of Creye, Degreed, great vocals from Ciaran James and great guitars from John Klews. The album starts coming alive with “Battle Cry” which is a great album track which i would have used as the opening track nice effects with a great arrangement.

What About Love” is a great song i love this song, back in the day it would have been a huge hit back in the 80’s,as would have “Just Like Heaven” which is very like FM and Dare well executed and are two of the albums highlights for me. The Rocker of the album is “Black Magic” followed by “Satellite” which has a great chorus, then the second single “You Make Me Love Again” which in my opinion is more of an album track than a single. ”If You want it “ has a great message within the lyrics ,with a great anthemic chorus  with feel good vibes very catchy. Something really different for “Stardust” which is an instrumental another highlight for me I love the synths and also the guitars throughout this album really good. The penultimate track is an alternative version of a track from debut album which is called “Chasing Miracles” ,this is a fantastic song with great vocals and I love the arrangement and the piano with violin in the background which sounds fantastic.”Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing” is the closing bonus track which is a Christmas song which is an alternative to the normal  Christmas anthems we play.

“Immortals” has some great songs but then some are just average songs .The album does start off average nothing special but in all it is a good album with glimpses of some great AOR/Melodic Rock. The production is great in places, as are some of the arrangements ,especially the keyboards and Guitars, with some really nice backing vocals. Maybe different singles should have been chosen and the track listing different in a different order might have drawn me in quicker. Definitely worth a listen and potentially a grower.

7 / 10









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"Immortals" Track-listing:


2.Let Me In


4.Battle Cry

5.What About Love

6.Just Like Heaven

7.Black Magic


9.You Make Me Live Again

10,If You Want It


12.Chasing Miracles - Alt Version

13.Can You Hear  The Sleigh Bells Ringing


Corvus Lineup:

Ciaran James - Vocals

John Klews - Guitar

Chris Tortoioli - Bass

Nick Jeavons - Keyboards

Marcin Glogowski - Drums

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