Bourbon River Bank


What do you have in mind when you hear the phrase "Blazing Saddles", apart from […]
By Maria Voutiriadou
June 18, 2010
Corruption - Bourbon River Bank album cover

What do you have in mind when you hear the phrase "Blazing Saddles", apart from the magnificent Mel Brooks movie (1974)? Let's see... two barrels, chains and a couple of 'western' eagle wings, I suppose. These are exactly the images of the new CORRUPTION studio album and if these guys are not familiar to you, I bet you can easily understand what is this all about; pure heavy stoner rock with generous doses of an American breeze that tries hard to hide their Polish origin. Yeap, "Bourbon River Bank" is the quintet's sixth effort and just from the cover, we can realize that they've left behind their sexist past and all the female nudity they used to, preferring a simple red canvas to decorate their brand new music package.

What's inside then? Well, it is not so difficult to guess; from the opening 'west-breathing' "Beelzeboss" and the characteristic jaw harp, my personal favourite "Worlds Collide", and the naughty "Devileiro", till the MOTORHEAD-esque "One Point Losers" and the lazy self-titled track, you'll easily find some stoner 'troubles', bad-ass attitude, appetite to rock and a couple of harmonica tunes, giving a spicy taste to this sonic pureblood Rock 'n' Roll. Through the 50 minutes of the album, there are a lot of well-played songs and a nice work in the blend of heavy and stoned fuzzy guitars, while the beardy Rufus' droughty vocals can not pass unnoticed. The repetition in the sound though and the similarities to so many other stoner bands are quite remarkable and I doubt if this record can handle it and gain the listener at the end. You see, it's not enough to look good and smell good; you have to taste good too and this is the unique minor CORRUPTION's album has.

There are no big surprises here; ORANGE GOBLIN's hammered reading, DOWN's south-ality, even ZZ TOP's rock purity are some of the main characteristics and if you think yourselves as stonerheads and heavy rock freaks, I recommend to try this package of brash riffage, Satan and boozing but without having great expectations. The truth is that the grouping in music is a bad thing that kills originality but I didn't regret for giving a chance to tracks like "Worlds Collide" or CORROSION OF CONFORMITY-esque "Pillow Man" and rocked my world till today. Besides, you have to be tough to reach the sky and the top is for few. In the meantime, CORRUPTION might be proved an excellent choice.

7 / 10


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"Bourbon River Bank" Track-listing:
  1. Beelzeboss
  2. Hell Yeah!
  3. Magus
  4. Candy Lee
  5. Devileiro
  6. Engines
  7. Worlds Collide
  8. Another
  9. Addicts, Lovers And Bullshitters
  10. One Point Losers
  11. Pillow Man
  12. "Morning Star" Whiskey Bar
  13. Bourbon River Bank
Corruption Lineup:

Rufus - Vocals, Harmonica, Jaw Harp
Aniol - Bass, Backing Vocals
Opath - Guitars
Erol - Guitars
Melon - Drums

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