Having teased the EP for quite some time, CORROSIUM have kept their promise and finally […]
By Liam True
February 9, 2021
Corrosium - Undertow album cover

Having teased the EP for quite some time, CORROSIUM have kept their promise and finally released the EP Undertow with a total self proclaimed style of Bomb Bast Metal. No, I don't know what that means either.

Catchiness is the mission of the band for their near 20 minute EP. They create songs that immediately stick in the listener's ear. With "Bleeding Starlight" they had succeeded in doing so straight away. The song itself is carried by synths and the riffs are not so dominant in the foreground. However, it will create a harmonious atmospheric overall concept, which is able to catch the listener and take you away to another world full of Prog Metal madness.

In the next song "The Day We Fall" the guitars are given more space to play freely. The riffs seem a little more present and the chorus of the song is as soft as butter and caresses the ear with longing and pleasure. It fluctuates between happy lightness and slightly darker intermediate passages. Beautiful tempo and mood changes determine the song. "Undertow" also puts itself with mighty bombast in the stuff. But all in all it is not the strongest song of the EP, but still a great track.

CORROSIUM deliver good melodic bombastic metal that works wonderfully. Especially the melodic choruses stick and reverberate in your head for a long time. And before the whole thing starts to look too harmless, they show with the last song "I Remain" what the band is still capable of. Seen in this light, the EP is a remarkable performance that offers a small glimpse of what is still possible.

7 / 10









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"Undertow" Track-listing:

1. Bleeding Starlight
2. The Day We Fall
3. Undertow
4. I Remain

Corrosium Lineup:

Teppo Tirkkonen - Vocals
Joonas Löytönen - Guitar
Pasi Juhantalo - Guitar
Olli Laine - Drums
Juha Soini - Bass

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