Pale Moon

Corpus Christii

CORPUS CHRISTII's main objective is to spread the word of Satan and to raise torment […]
By Jessica R. Harman
May 14, 2015
Corpus Christii - "Pale Moon" album cover

CORPUS CHRISTII's main objective is to spread the word of Satan and to raise torment over this Earth. How they do that is through their Metal, their Black Metal to be exact. These guys have had twelve releases; some EPs, some demos, and some full length albums. In terms of full-length studio albums, CORPUS CHRISTII just released their seventh full-length in late March. The album "Pale Moon" comes in with ten tracks and is just a beat over 40 minutes in listening time. Hailing for Portugal, the band has toured and played all over the world; spreading their tortured word at each city they stop in.

"Pale Moon" begins with "Far Beyond The Light". The vocals are respectable for a Black Metal album and not only that; they are understandable, for the most part. They are oh so gritty and bark at the listener as he expels his story upon those willing to listen. The guitars start of low and immediately hook, but lose luster once the vocals start and once the blast beats hit. They are so low they get drowned out.

Track two, "Under Beastcraft" does a better job of balancing the guitars, drums, and vocals and pumps up the guitars. It's a very catchy piece, but the vocals just seem to scream with no tone variation and no art to them. They sound bland and confound.

"Eternal Bliss", is hands down the best track on "Pale Moon". It gives a glimpse into a softer side. Not only that, but its also the most balanced track. Each element is given the same appreciation as the next. You can really hear the cohesiveness that these guys can create. If only the whole album was as creative, as balanced, and as well written as this track is.

The final track, "Carving a Light In Me" is a piece that shows complete musicianship. Another more creative endeavor it allows the listener to hear an different side of the CORPUS CHRISTII writing style. It also turns the notch up on the guitars showing some real talent.

"Pale Moon" over all, was underwhelming save a few really good tracks scattered throughout. The Black Metal band has much to say and have found a niche in writing those thoughts into music that can be expressively releasing. Check CORPUS CHRISTII's "Pale Moon" out and see how creatively diverse these guys can be.<

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Pale Moon" Track-listing:

1. Far Beyond The Light
2. Under Beastcraft
3. The Great Death
4. Eternal Bliss
5. Last Eclipse
6. Being
7. Night of Flaming Hatred
8. From Darkness to Total Blackness
9. Livid Night
10. Carving A Light In Me

Corpus Christii Lineup:

NH - Guitars/Bass/Vocals
J.Goat - Guitars/Bass
Mist - Session Bass (:ive)
G.R. - Drums (Studio/session Live)
Vulturius - Session Guitar (Live)

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