Impetus of Death


Finland's CORPSESSED and their second full length album, "Impetus of Death," is a down and dirty […]
By Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier
November 11, 2018
Corpsessed - Impetus of Death album cover

Finland's CORPSESSED and their second full length album, "Impetus of Death," is a down and dirty Death Metal release.  The overall sound of the band is dark and full of grim tales.  Such is the atmosphere, the music is often times very much Black Metal, at least musically.  Their sound drips from the old school death meal days but the key to their sound is an evil, ominous cadence that keeps the music brutal but also rather creepy. The opening seconds of "Impetus of the Dead," conjure images of un-dead thralls heading for the gates of humanity, whose flesh they will surely wreck.  The impending riffs that continue along a similar vibe keep building, like the march of the approaching army.

The gates are burned down and vocalist Niko's opening his mouth to reveal some of the most tormented death growls I've heard this year.  If his vocals are the attacking weapon, it is carried upon the drums Jussi-Pekka, his double bass a hyper blast of a terrible storm. By the time I reached the third track, "Endless Plains of Dust," the bands simple sound began to reveal subtle hints of hidden layers being pulled back.  Doom Metal, on the more abrasive side as opposed to anything else, rears its monolithic head.  The song is aptly titled, such is the expansive and rolling sound of the dense riffs and bass. "Graveborne," is a showcase that bass doesn't have to be buried in the mix and can still be heard as a separate entity that still works well with the surrounding chaos. Tumomas's bass, on this song and the album itself, is an amazing vibe of buzzed out darkness.

The final track, "Starless Event Horizon," is one beast of a song, containing some ambient textures in the beginning with clean guitar, bass, and bass drums all coming together to form a tripped out conjuring of other worldy demons. The guitars build up, monstrous steps they are.  The temp gets up around the 3:20 mark, the band coming out of their Doom sound to bring about some destructive Death Metal, going for the throat.  The last few minutes of the song recall releases from ASSUMPTION and CONVOCATION, in that the music becomes one devastating ram of heaviness, blanketed across the cosmos and suffocating all.

8 / 10









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"Impetus of Death" Track-listing:

1. Impetus of the Dead
2. Sortilege
3. Endless Plains of Dust
4. Graveborne
5. Paroxysmal
6. Forlorn Burial
7. Begetter of Doom
8. Starless Event Horizon

Corpsessed Lineup:

Jussi-Pekka Manner - Drums, Backing Vocals
Jyri Lustig - Guitars
Matti Makela - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Niko Matilainen - Lead Vocals
Tuomas Kulmala - Bass

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