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Formed in 1993 Rome's CORPSEFUCKING ART have released their fifth full-length album "Splatterphobia" via Comatose […]
By Kayla Hutton
November 28, 2018
Corpsefucking Art - Splatterphobia album cover

Formed in 1993 Rome's CORPSEFUCKING ART have released their fifth full-length album "Splatterphobia" via Comatose Music on November 23rd, 2018. If you count the bands E.P.'s, singles and split this would be the 11th release. Before you even listen, get a load of the album's artwork. This is the best depiction of accuracy when looking at an album cover and knowing instantly what you are in for. No frills, no bullshit, just pure sick, heavy, brutal death metal. The artwork is absolutely meticulous. Down to the MORTICIAN T-shirt and obscure shelf items. Even more apparent is where the band's influences come from. CANNIBAL CORPSE (Barnes era), a little of PUNGENT STENCH (finding humor in gore) and I'm sensing a little of THE ACCUSED in the way they had Martha Splatter Head and CORPSEFUCKING ART have Mr. Daisy.

"Satanic Barbecue" is where I am going to jump. This track very much to the delight of old-school CANNIBAL CORPSE fans. Lots of fast picking, blasting drums, and low extreme guttural vocals. The dueling guitars actually have an individual sound that you can distinctly here when they play solo. As they re-join they create a thick wall of in your face relentlessness. Imagine Trevor Peres from OBITUARY's guitar sound combined with DISMEMBERs guitar sound. "Tomator" begins with Arnold's tagline, "I'll be back", then plows right into a tornadic pit worthy tempo. Not even a minute into the track and there is some sick groove followed by low end sustained strums of torturous doom. The lyrical humor begins with the first verse, "Haunted vegetable patch
A new breed of tomatoes Is about to overrun Your kitchens." But it does serve up a grotesque scenario. The last verse explains, " Mankind shall be overwhelmed, And blood will be as bright red
As a well-done sauce."

"Staring through the eyes of the dead". A CANNIBAL CORPSE cover that appeared on what is likely the best album ever, The Bleeding. CORPSEFUCKiNG ART has given new life to this classic. Their version is deadly accurate and their own sound being applied is nothing less than fitting. If you are looking for the meaning to life, some hardcore breakdowns or implemented electronics, go get hit with the stick because this isn't trendy or overly technical. It's straight forward death metal. If only "Splatterphobia" was around for Ed Gein. I am sure as he stitched furnishings made of human flesh, this would have been his soundtrack.Overall: 9

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Splatterphobia" Track-listing:

1. Splatterphobia
2. Satanic Barbecue
3. Black Sheep Terror
4. Tomator
5. Nightmare City
6. Robocorpse II
7. Devouring By The Sauce
8. Beyond The Holy Grounds
9. Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead
10. Blood, Knife, Mirror

Corpsefucking Art Lineup:

Andrea Cipolla - Guitar
Francesco Bastard - Vocals
Mario Di Giambattista - Guitar
Marco De Ritis - Bass
Marco Coghe - Session Drums

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