Was it a stroke of luck or destiny that brought Finnish classic 80's style heavy […]
By Leanne Evans
February 16, 2021
Coronary - Sinbad album cover

Was it a stroke of luck or destiny that brought Finnish classic 80's style heavy metal band CORONARY together in 2017? I'm certain it's the latter; only fate can single-handedly unite five uber-gifted individuals and create a mega-talented quintet. A chance meeting in the second-hand vinyl section of a Tampere flea market brought Aku and Pate together. Over a mutual love of music, the inception of CORONARY became and Jarkko (formerly of KORPIKLAANI), Jukka and Olli completed the line-up. The fivesome bring an uncompromising yet contemporary sound to old-school 80's heavy metal in their debut album "Sinbad" with clichés aplenty. The kind that scream badass-swag, on-point slick sexiness with gritty melodic vocals and groovy riffs and last, but not least, the wonderfully powerful obligatory guitar solos.

Title track "Sinbad" is chunky and powerful, running full throttle from the word go with EPIC twin guitar action, courtesy of Aku and Jukka. Olli's vocals are fondly reminiscent of SAXON's Biff Byford, yet the track comes with an ACCEPT "Balls to the Wall" meets JUDAS PRIEST "Lightning Strike" twist to the audio; pure joy to listen to. "Firewings" flies in with rabid riffs, high-energy tempo and a rousing catchy chorus. It channels DIAMOND HEAD "Belly of the Beast" and Jarkko brings the bassline every bit of rawness you crave but delivers it with a certain cleanness that really digs in the track. A proper foot stomping, head-banging bit of magic that CORONARY consistently display throughout the album "Sinbad"; bloody fantastic and my personal highlight of the album!

"Sinbad" continues to present its raging energy with "The Hammer" with tub-thumping beats courtesy of Pate's literal hammering drum work and Olli belts out the infectious chorus, "No mercy no pain, it's a killer's game", with raspy certitude. Steaming through to the next track, "Bullet Train", we're truly spoiled with all the filth 80's heavy metal so expertly serves. From the delivery of Olli's gritty husky vocals and dirty lyrics, the strapping riffs, hefty bass work and heavy drumming, this is nothing short of ravaging rugged rudeness.

"I Can Feel This Love" is as close as it gets to a ballad-type track on CORONARY's debut album. An impassioned listen with some lusty grooves, sensual guitar work and a come-hither sexy harmonious charm about it. "Burnout" also showcases the band's more introspective element without softening the tempo and keeping it heavy and direct; "How's your heart today? How's your brain today? How's your head today? How's your soul today?" Good questions CORONARY, especially given the dire 12 months we've all had. Definitely a track to add to your workout list, unabashedly turn up full-blast and cerebrate whilst pumping up the gains!

CORONARY have an unapologetic nostalgia about their style from the era where we were simply spoilt for choice with sound and image (good, bad and indifferent!) and emit all the essential successful 80's heavy metal formulae with their own authenticity. They are as meaty as ACCEPT, JUDAS PRIEST and SAXON all rolled into one, yet ooze the sexual prowess of the likes of MOTLEY CRUE and SCORPIONS. We need to thank the Metal Gods that this happened; after discovering CORONARY's sound, I can't think of a world without them and I think I've just become their biggest fangirl! "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll"! Grab your "Denim and Leather" and may "Sinbad" turn the "Wheels of Steel" on the 80's "Crazy Train" and take you back in time, be your perfect "Painkiller" and satisfy your "Metal Heart"!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Sinbad" Track-listing:

1. Sinbad
2. Firewings
3. The Hammer
4. Bullet Train
5. I Can Feel This Love
6. Reflector
7. Burnout
8. Fight St. 666
9. Mestengo
10. Wonders of the World

Coronary Lineup:

Olli Kärki - Vocals
Aku Kytölä - Guitars
Jarkko Aaltonen - Bass
Jukka Holm - Guitars
Pate Vuorio - Drums

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