Ein Herz Voller Soul

Coogans Bluff

Over the last few years, "retro" music has started to come back into fashion. This […]
By Danny Sanderson
February 20, 2015
Coogans Bluff - Ein Herz Voller Soul album cover

Over the last few years, "retro" music has started to come back into fashion. This is part of a wider cultural shift that has seen the rise of the Hipster, and all the numerous stereotypes that surround people who mix in those circles. Luckily, Rock and Metal music has benefited massively from this rather than become a victim of it. Bands with a retro sound, like GHOST B.C and BLOOD CEREMONY, have put out some really amazing albums in the last five years or so. COOGANS BLUFF are one such band that have combined not just old bluesy Rock to create their sound, but also a plethora of other styles, meaning that their new album, "Gettin' Dizzy", sounds very retro, but also, surprisingly, very fresh and original. In order to promote the new album, the band have put out this short EP/ Single, featuring a cover and an original track off of the new album, to garner interest in their work. It's weird, it's wonderful, and it's something completely different from the vast majority of acts out there.

The first of the two songs on offer here is "Ein Herz voller Soul", a cover of the "Heart Full of Soul" by THE YARDBIRDS, sung in their native German. It sticks true to the original, and is a brilliantly bluesy track with a more modern, almost Indie Rock edge to it. Then comes an original track off of the band's latest album, "Gettin' Dizzy", called "She gave her life for a man", which is pretty good. Again, it's very rooted in Blues music, at least as far as the guitars go, and has what sounds like a Hammond Organ playing at numerous points throughout the track, and even a Trombone is used. This song sounds like a great cross between Blues, Indie and Disco all topped off with a great Trombone section that acts as a sort of hook. Eventually, the song melts away into nothingness, and this short EP is over.

This is a great way to get into the band and their music. After the EP had finished, I was genuinely interested in finding more songs by them to see what the rest of this album is like. In this way, then, this EP has done its job; it's promoted the main record and probably gain them a new fan or two, myself included. If you like the weird and the wonderful, this might be something you'd like to check out.

7 / 10


"Ein Herz Voller Soul" Track-listing:

1. Ein Herz voller Soul
2. She Gave Her Life for a Man

Coogans Bluff Lineup:

Willi Paschen- Guitar
Charlie Paschen- Guitar
Clemens Marasus- Bass, Vocals
Stefan Menkling- Trombone
Max Thum- Saxophone

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