Recursive Definitions Of Suppuration


I do so love it when musicians get together out of a mutual love and […]
By Andrew Graham
August 6, 2021
Consumption - Recursive Definitions Of Suppuration album cover

I do so love it when musicians get together out of a mutual love and appreciation of those that have come before. I have had the enormous pleasure of seeing a number of great examples of this in this capacity, and today I present another! Swedish death metallers (or goregrinders if you prefer) CONSUMPTION lay up a foetid platter of gore-soaked viscera that displays a genuine love affair with old-school British classics like CARCASS and BOLT THROWER.

Album opener "Fermented Tissue" leaves no doubt as to what the listener can expect. Gurgly, pitch-shifted dual vocals are practically dripping with phlegm - this is going to be absolutely filthy! Fuzzy guitars and burpy bass complete the delightful and delicious soundscape in gore. "Infectus Exteriorisation" opens with an almost BOLT THROWER-esque dualling riff before we get full-blown CARCASS nostalgia from the Necroticism era. "Suppuration" lays full-blown gurgly pitch-shifted filth on the ears (really brings you back to classics like "Reek Of Putrefaction" - ah memories!). Paying homage to your favourite band is noble enough, though too often this comes off as pale imitation and borderline copyright infringement. In this case such concerns are definitely not warranted.

The opening to "Rigor Mortis" is a masterful moment as it manages to convey real horror in its opening moments and continues to do so through to its bloody conclusion. "Consumption" opens with all the subtlety and sophistication of a stick of dynamite going off in your chest - but that's what you came here for, right? Little dashes of death 'n' roll here and there add a little touch of fun to the otherwise grotesque proceedings. "Splenium Corporis Callosi" opens on bass, which has, by the way, the iconic death metal bass sound. It's rumbly, metallic, and fuzzy, and as a foundation to this mix, has the strength of a concrete bunker. More death 'n' roll ensues, resulting in a light mood of SIX FEET UNDER.

"Fragmentum" possesses the weightiest CARCASS presence on the album, right down to harmonised guitar parts and melodic solo. Something straight out of Heartwork and no mistake! "Ictus Cordis" nicely bookends the album with yet another crushing goregrind anthem. Nicely mixed and featuring plenty of creativity and flair of their own, this is an album that demands repeated listens and plenty of compulsive headbanging - but do familiarise yourself with your nearest neck injuries clinic!

On the whole this is a touching and heartfelt tribute to such acts as CARCASS, and a bloody good romp in its own right to boot! The goregrind scene seems healthily populated these days and these guys are well-placed to stand among the top dogs!

8 / 10









"Recursive Definitions Of Suppuration" Track-listing:

1. Fermented Tissue
2. Infectus Exteriorisation
3. Suppuration
4. Rigor Mortis
5. Consumption
6. Splenium Corporis Callosi
7. Fragmentum
8. Ictus Cordis

Consumption Lineup:

Håkan Stuvemark - Vocals, guitars, bass
Jon Skäre - Drums

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