CONSPECTUS is a young and ambitious Norwegian band that produced their first full length album after […]
By Martin "Doomed" Desbois
January 12, 2019
Conspectus - Holocen album cover

CONSPECTUS is a young and ambitious Norwegian band that produced their first full length album after their EP titled "A Clearer View." It took them four years to write new material and the result is "Holocen." Here we have some Metalcore, with twelve songs for about an hour of music. I found the album a little repetitive in some way. There is a pattern that's repeating in the background of the mind (subconsciously) while listening to it and it kind of triggered me and it was a hard time getting rid of it. There is potential here though. They are young talented musicians that are creative and able to deliver interesting stuff among this shitload of notes and arpeggios. Sometimes too much is like not enough. I had a great time listening to it. For example, tracks like "Anchors" and "Colours And Shapes" are getting my attention more. They did a good writing job here.

The lyrical themes are quite not original though. We have plenty of artists writing about these kind of ideas. This isn't an emo band but it plays dangerously in that yard. They have the help of Nick Hipa for the videos. "Battle of the Tides" as an example (see below link) is a great song with great feeling and expression. Not to be mean, but the lead vocals are not that impressive. They are not bad, but it lacks something special. It is important for a band to have something special or very addictive or just leading the way among other member's voices. I can't find a leader in the vocals. It seems like they all share the mic altogether. For me it needs a little more. Each members are equals, and they need to find someone with a great charisma and willing to eat the world.

These guys once gaining more maturity will be able to move mountains if they want. They are inspired, they seem to enjoy themselves a lot, but they need that little special spark to blind everyone and hook them up. Younger audiences will easily get hooked and hungry fans of the Metalcore scene, because they are good. After listening to it three times,it growed on me in some parts and I could discover some gems here and there. Keep on working hard, you deserve recognition guys! And i am jealous that you are from Norway...i really like your country!!! Cheers and good luck guys!

7 / 10









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"Holocen" Track-listing:

1. A Source Within
2. Withered
3. Colours And Shapes
4. Battle The Tide (feat. Chris Clancy)
5. The Dreams I Follow
6. Numen
7. Anchors
8. The World Is Grey
9. Through Comfort And Dismay
10. Holocen - Void
11. Holocen - Sphere
12. Holocen - Afterneath

Conspectus Lineup:

Nikolai Svorte - Vocals, Guitar
Elias Birkeland - Guitar
Henning Flisnes - Bass
Markus Svorte - Drums

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