Time Has Come


CONNIPTION is a Thrash Metal act from Milwaukee in the US. With their newly released […]
By Dan Mailer
February 5, 2014
Conniption - Time Has Come album cover

CONNIPTION is a Thrash Metal act from Milwaukee in the US. With their newly released studio album "Time Has Come" the band gives you a taste of their totally different brand of Thrash Metal with a melodic edge yet plenty of bite.

The very first track is a very awesome one that pretty much sets out the band's sound from the word "go." "Machine Gun Heaven" is full of awesome lead vocals and a literal shedload of guitar riffs. It offers plenty of thrashing moments interspersed with moments of more classic rock style lead guitar.

Highlights of the album after the title track include "Let The Wolf Out" with its very upfront audio attack, and crowd chants aplenty, and the more conventional thrash of "Laughing In The Face Of Death", a track that shows the band can handle the heavy stuff just as well as their more melodic side. A particular highlight however is "Apples Of Apollo", with its bizarre sounding intro and awesome clean vocal performance, the song sets itself apart from the rest in this way, with some interesting use of sounds and some great songwriting as the song gets heavier later on.

The album closes with "We Know Where You Live", a menacing sounding song with lots of heaviness and atmosphere. It ends the album in a cool way, and hopefully leaves its mark on the listener.

The album is produced well, with lots of chunky guitar sounds and a nice clear overall sound, with a great rhythm section production and nicely recorded vocals.

"Time Has Come" is a great album from CONNIPTION, and should really get the band some attention in the future. The band handles heaviness and melody in equal measure and in a way that many Thrash bands would not be able to. 

8 / 10


"Time Has Come" Track-listing:

1. Machine Gun Heaven
2. Let The Wolf Out
3. (Come On) King Of The Road
4. Laughing In The Face Of Death
5. Apples Of Apollo
6. Who Needs Love, Anyway
7. State Of Sin
8. Sonata No.1 in B Minor
9. We Know Where You Live

Conniption Lineup:

Michael Craig Brigham - Vocals / Guitar / Piano
Bill House - Guitar /Vocals
Cody Dziuk - Bass / Vocals
Andy Martin - Drums /  Percussion

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