No Mercy


Releases like this one must sound quite draft and obscure to the juvenile ears of […]
By Grigoris Chronis
March 4, 2010

Releases like this one must sound quite draft and obscure to the juvenile ears of Metal fans addicted to the rush of bands like e.g. EDGUY, TRIVIUM or late ANATHEMA. Seasons change shall we? I think we all love mom's same old home made food so why not still being keen on praising the decade Metal music dared to show its non-conservative teeth in America? COMMANDMENT - guess is right - is one of those bands lost in the typhoon of US Metal releases in the mid/late 80s. The "Engraved In Stone" promotional 7" single counts as the Chicago, Illinois quartet's only vinyl release back then, with OPM Records pressing a limited quantity of 500 pieces for their 1988 demo-to-be-album, called "Engraved In Stone".

Now, Pure Steel Records (a vinyl edition is also available) steps forth with the release of "No Mercy" and what we get here is "the last professional recordings of the classic "Engraved In Stone" lineup" since the album was recorded in 1988/1989 to be released back then via the bankrupt Amethyst Records after their also-never-pressed "Engraved In Stone" debut. Core American Heavy/Power Metal with a strong reference to QUEENSRYCHE's early works, early JAG PANZER, early LIEGE LORD and - in general - early US Metal with full speed, ruthless guitars, shrieking vocals and relentless drumming but with lurking melodies topping specific song parts. The songs have an average - at least - quality in the music making and the level of musicianship is quite remarkable too; don't get fooled by the primitive production, if all bands had the financial benefits 20-25 years ago the molten Metal future would be an ideal process not offering the misleading genres of today.

I'm sure this release heads to particular ears, and it would be a dream to offer pieces of music like this to people thinking American Metal is all about e.g. MANOWAR and KAMELOT and only. If you're looking for an addition to your rare Metal collection then "No Mercy" is a valuable count, no questions asked.

"No Mercy" Track-listing:
  1. Corrupted Youth
  2. Betrayed
  3. Road To Nowhere
  4. Guitar Solo
  5. The Cell
  6. No Mercy
  7. Holding On
  8. Kamikaze
  9. Voice Of The Sphynx
  10. Law Of The Streets (Hidden Track)
  11. Fire When Ready (Hidden Track)
  12. Ivory Tower (Hidden Track)
  13. Tears Of Remembrance (Hidden Track)
  14. On The Attack (Hidden Track)
Commandment Lineup:

David Nava - Vocals
JR3 - Guitars
Kevin Clayton - Bass
Michael Anthony - Drums

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