One Fire


COMBICHRIST is an Industrial Metal which originated in Norway before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. The […]
By Louise Brown
July 9, 2019
Combichrist - One Fire album cover

COMBICHRIST is an Industrial Metal which originated in Norway before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. The band originally consisted of only Andy LaPlegue to begin with. As time went on, other members were added as needed. The list of previous former members as well as guest players is fairly extensive.

"One Fire" is not for everyone who consider themselves to be metalheads. If you prefer classic Heavy Metal, or old school Thrash Metal then it is doubtful you'll get enjoyment out of the album at all. However, if you're an experimental music fan then this could be perfect for you.

"Intro" sets the tone for the album with its various voice samples layered over industrial noise. It creates a chaotic atmosphere along with a sense of confusion as well as doom. The second track, "Hate Like Me," blends digital elements with metal sub-influences, resulting in a sound that reminds me of RAMMSTEIN in many respects. It has a good driving beat with plenty of energy to keep you interested. "Broken United" starts out with whispered vocals interspersed with more industrial effects blended with heavy-sounding backing music. The vocals become more strident as the song's volume increases. The Screamo Metal influence is impossible to miss. The vocals capture the raw emotion within the track and make it hard to stop listening to. The bridge within the song features a vocal performance which is nearly theatrical in tone and nature. It sounds a bit odd at  first, but makes more sense by the time you finish listening to it. The track is fairly brief and to the point.

"Guns At The Last Night" sounds close to a Rap-style song to begin with before morphing into a slightly more traditional-sounding Metal song. The Rap sub-influence remains, giving the track a more urbanized tone with a fairly rapid pace. I'm conflicted because part of me really responds to certain elements while another part of me is mainly confused by what I'm hearing. Though it's not my usual style of music, in the end I have to admit it  is a good song. It keeps you interested and it has a great sound, too. "Lobotomy" is another one I am conflicted about.  I want to like it, but the heavy Pop music influence I keep noticing is distracting. If it was being marketed as Techno Pop then I could easily dismiss it. However, since it's supposed to be Industrial Metal I keep feeling as if I should be able to embrace at least some part of the track. After a few tries I finally give up and conclude it's simply not for a metal music fan like me. Fortunately "One Fire" proves to a better song. It has more of the Industrial Metal post-Apocalyptic sound and tone that previous tracks had featured with plenty of electronic effects to keep even the most jaded rave fan paying attention. The song sounds like something that belongs on the soundtrack of a John Wick movie. My personal favorite from the album is "Bottle Of Pain".  With a dramatic intro, the song starts out dark and mysterious. The vocals are performed in a more Alternative Rock style, giving them a rather theatrical sound, which blends beautifully with the brass and stringed Classical instruments playing in the background. The overall spirit and tone of the track reminds me of "Low Man's Lyric" by METALLICA. If you decide to listen to just one selection from the album, go with "Bottle Of Pain".

The other tracks on the album fall into the category of "Not too bad, but not too remarkable, either." It really boils down to your personal taste in music, as I mentioned before. If you're into more traditional types of Metal music then you should probably avoid purchasing this release. But if you consider yourself a diehard fan of Industrial Metal (or even Alternative Rock) then you should add it to your collection.

7 / 10









"One Fire" Track-listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Hate Like Me
  3. Broken United
  4. Guns At Last Night
  5. Lobotomy
  6. One Fire
  7. Bottle Of Pain
  8. 2045
  9. Interlude
  10. Understand
  11. California Uber Alles
  12. Last Days Under The Sun
  13. The Other

Combichrist Lineup:

Andy LaPlegue -  Lead vocals
Eric 13 -  Guitar, backing vocals
Dane White -  Drums

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