One Horse Town


It has been some time since I last reviewed a 'classic' Casket release, and when […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
December 21, 2008
Colt.44 - One Horse Town album cover

It has been some time since I last reviewed a 'classic' Casket release, and when I say classic I mean this kind of Nu/Grunge that this label mostly produces. At least such kind of albums reached my hands. And if you could also see the photo that is on the back of the album's booklet you would probably think that COLT.44 is a similar case.

Three really young boys appear being pretty shy in front of the camera's lens, but I have to warn you that they are not so shy in their music. The UK based trio was formed in 2007 and was initially a 4-piece act, but they “ditched their singer due to internal problems as they claim and Adam took over the vocal duties. After only one year of life, the young trio signed with Casket Records for the release of its first ever full-length release.

One Horse Town is exactly what I stated above. These guys are not as shy as they seem in the photos. Their music is an interesting mixture of down tempo heavy riffing and melodic vocal lines by Adam's really nice and warm aggressive style of singing. COLT.44 is what you could call a meeting point for Grunge and Nu Metal, but with some more classic moments. Imagine a melodic Nu Metal band trying to rock the shit out of you, but be careful, to ROCK! They have the groove, they have the catchiness and they definitely have the potential to offer some great things in the near future.

I guess that they deserve your attention, since they have put a lot of effort into this debut release. And it is always beautiful to see young kids kicking your butt with nice music. If you think that they are too modern for your taste, then I guess you are too old to rock & roll...

7 / 10


"One Horse Town" Track-listing:

These Scars
Knock It Back
Come Home
Holding Out Their Hands
I Tear Myself Away
I Refuse
See You Smile
One Horse Town
I'll See You

Colt.44 Lineup:

Adam Jerome - Vocals, Guitar
Pat Ramsden - Bass, Vocals
Matt Savini - Drums, Vocals

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