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COLOSSUS FALL is a Swiss Progressive Sludge/Hardcore band, originally from Geneva. The band consists of […]
February 19, 2019
Colossus Fall - Earthbeat album cover

COLOSSUS FALL is a Swiss Progressive Sludge/Hardcore band, originally from Geneva. The band consists of singer Matthieu Mangola, guitarist/backing vocals and founder David Moro, guitarist Philippe Suarez, bassist Albert Serrano, and drummer Christophe Laureau. The group is known for its original blend of rock, hardcore and metal sludge sounds, high in psychedelic passages and aggressive rythmics. He has a long stage experience and has had the opportunity to perform at many festivals and supported many renowned bands. After a five-track EP in 2012 "Sempervirens" and a Split vinyl in 2013, the band releases its first album in September 2015 "Hidden Into Details" well received by the specialized press for its originality. Today, we have their second full length, titled "Earthbeat," which contains eight tracks.

"Darkness Swirls Around Us" starts off the album, with plenty of heavy aggressiveness. The guitars make quick work of some nifty riffs while the vocals are filled with angry hate right down to the black heart they come from. "Fury" is up next. It's a little faster in pace, and some of the Progressive elements come into play with the varied meter here. The darkness that surrounds the album is no less intense here however. "The Nameless Man" starts off a bit murky but they the main riff hits and crushes everything into a fine dust. The drums keep things interesting with their varied approach and the riffs follow suit.

"They New Not" is a faster song with absolutely incensed vocals, rattling right through you like an arrow to its mark. Though the guitar work is varied they too often use the open note as the foundation. "1956" must have some inside reference but I can't understand the vocals enough to count on it. It doesn't sound a lot different from most of the other tracks however. The vocals built a cadence that you can easily get used to. The instrumental section here however is pretty solid and varied. "Basorexia" opens with guitars on the move and some Progressive dexterity. It settles into a tough groove at one point, one that you can't help headbanging to. "Collapse" features some nifty Progressive shifting and you can really notice these elements in this track. From there the song really stretches out into lots of uncharted territory. I like the experimentation here while keeping to the foundations.

"Earthbeat" closes the album. It opens with a slow, Sludgy sound before going balls out with heavy guitar accents, and then returns the swamp with that murky sound from the opening. A rare guitar solo rears its head, showcasing some excellent fret-work. Overall, though the vocals remained pretty standard throughout, the guitars did a nice job of mixing things up enough to hold my interest throughout the track. It's a tough genre due to the boundaries but they did a nice job of opening it up a bit and sticking their necks out there.

7 / 10









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"Earthbeat" Track-listing:

1. Darkness Swirled Around Us
2. Fury
3. The Nameless Man
4. They Knew Not
5. 1956
6. Basorexia
7. Collapse
8. Earthbeat

Coloussus Fall Lineup:

David Moro - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Philippe Suarez - Guitars
Albert Serrano - Bass
Mathieu Mangola - Vocals
Christophe Laureau - Drums

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