In Deep Silence

Collapse 7

It's one of the few times that the artwork on the CD didn't help me […]
By Thodoris Pantazopoulos
May 26, 2004
Collapse 7 - In Deep Silence album cover

It's one of the few times that the artwork on the CD didn't help me figure out what kind of music style the band parleys with. tell you the truth, neither the content proved to be that helpful so I knew that the listening would be a sign of faith to my chief editor who smiled at me viciously when he handed the promo.
A very interesting band nonetheless, which delivers it's first CD and claims to perform ''Apocalyptic Death metal'' no matter how bizarre this might sound. I will simplify the situation by saying that these guys show preference to technical Death Metal combining nice groovy parts and some catchy melodies. At times they refer to Morbid Angel (Oh lord I wonder how many times I've said that...) in songs like "Blessed With Pain and the insiders will apprehend some signs of sympathy to Theory in Practice in songs like the  "Infernal Apocalypse.
All these sound encouraging, as there aren't many bands nowadays that deal with the specific genre, but what still lurks is how effectively can bands like Collapse 7 bring together harmony and brutality, melody and roughness. It isn't coincidental that most alike bands were lost in the sands of time by trying to fulfill the vast requirements of the genre and those who still remain haven't gained the reputation they surely deserve.
Though "In deep silence is a truly remarkable work I don't think that it will derange the lasting calm waters of the forenamed music field. It refers to a limited crowd and the matter is, that it doesn't seem capable of gaining numerous followers. I'm not really sure if that concerns them that much, to me it's adequate that they get down with a ''mission impossible''.
On the other hand, if they target to wide recognizability they should try to improve their compositions. Even to a used ''ear'' they are difficult to ''digest'' and segmentally the listener loses interest. Most songs have issues of consistency and spoil the good ideas that 100% exist.
The more daring should give them a try, but don't have unrealistic expectations. I personally wait for their 2nd coming, 'cause this CD is as promising as perplexed.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"In Deep Silence" Track-listing:

Infernal Apocalypse
In Deep Silence
Empty As We Are
A prophet/s speech
Blessed With Pain
Into Obscurity
Legions Of Blackness
Tombs Of Depravity
A Suicidal Sickness
Within The Light
Faith In Flames

Collapse 7 Lineup:

Mario - Vocals & Bass
Werner - Guitars
Gerry - Guitars
Mike - Drums

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