This album is the fourth release of Irish Death Metal band COLDWAR, and I found […]
By Lateishah Schultz
April 29, 2014
Coldwar - Pantheist album cover

This album is the fourth release of Irish Death Metal band COLDWAR, and I found it to be extremely addicting. Released through the British label Candlelight Records, "Pantheist" is quite a remarkable, very dark and gloomy production. COLDWAR's songwriting presentations have been, in overall, intense with a deadly feel throughout the paths of the music. Song after song I could send the brutish nature of these guys' thought patterns while composing these tracks.

I was virtually impressed by the vocals of Trevor, who certainly has the immense ability to project his voice with more clarity and tone than I've heard in the past from other Death Metal vocalists, which I believe that you figured out that there are more than just a handful out there. My personal favorite track was the fifth in line, "The Falcon Cannot Hear The Falcon", which I've come to find to be a more flexible song that showcases some mysterious sounding clean guitaring, amplifying a sort of feel that isn't that obtainable on the other tunes.

This album is clearly not anywhere near timid, and I was happy with every aspect of it. Death Metal might be one of the darkest and brutal ventures of Metal music, but some bands, like COLDWAR right here, contribute their share to make it as a subgenre of importance and impact. Can't wait for the next release, this is going to be interesting.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Pantheist" Track-listing:

1. Heart of Darkness
2. Ether Child
3. Mazu Awakens
4. 13th Moon
5. The Falcon Cannot Hear The Falcon
6. Ghost Dance
7. Consciousness Paralysis
8. Abandonment Of Being
9. Last Days of the 4th Sun

Coldwar Lineup:

Trevor - Vocals
Paul - Guitar
Dave - Guitar
Andy - Bass
Marty - Drums

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