Grand Sun Ritual


COLDUN started as a one-man project by Coldun himself with a self-released album "Necessariis? Dubiis? […]
November 21, 2020
Coldun - Grand Sun Ritual album cover

COLDUN started as a one-man project by Coldun himself with a self-released album "Necessariis? Dubiis? Caritas?" in 2007. In 2014 I went a step further with the new album called "Collapsing Polarities". It was released via Northern Silence Productions since February 14th, 2014. Now, they return, as a full-time band, with "Grand Sun Ritual," which contains seven tracks.

"Coldun" opens the album, at close to eight minutes in length. Tense tones open the song, along with a little Middle-Eastern sounds. Bass guitar carries much of the early passages, along with low, clean vocals. There is strong emotion and melody in the chorus. Some sax notes come through towards the end, making the sound even more depressing. "The Forest and the Soul" is over six-minutes in length. Opening with some ambiance, it's not long before the main riff drops, slow and melancholy in nature. The vocals are a little higher here, and man can he push those emotional buttons.

"Down Below" begins with clean guitars some easy listening lead notes, and some bass guitar high in the mix as well. The vocals drip with emotions, even the scream that leads to another lead guitar passage. "Salvation Day" is over eight-minutes in length. It begins with some spoken word before morphing into a mid-tempo pace, with vocals high in the registry. They can really push the sadness here, this time with a bit if keys. "Stories Untold" is a bit shorter in length. It opens with clean guitars and some light lead work. Here, it is all about the atmosphere they build. Coldun's vocals are quite poignant, and you can feel the coldness of them, but also the warmth at the same time. It's an odd combination. The harmonies strike you, reminding me a bit of LUNATIC SOUL.

"Hail out to Thebes" is over nine-minutes in length. It features more of that melancholy, longing sound. Once again, much of the emotional quality of the song comes in the harmonized vocals, and the background ambiance, which is cold and unrelenting. The steady guitar notes border on the Black Metal genre, which makes sense considering Northern Silence Productions once had their hand at a previous album. "I Dreamed that Dream" closes the album, with despondent vocals tones and guitars. It moves slowly, so that all of its depression can soak into your bones.

Like LUNATIC SOUL, COLDUN pushes a similar sound. Melancholy and emotional, they have a certain way of maintaining a smooth Progressive sound, while peaking with poignant moments that give you chills. Coldun's vocals are as smooth as butter but can also roar like a caged mountain beast. The album really takes you on a journey to places in your mind that you might not be ready to visit, but he grabs them out of your recessed memories and places them right in front of you to face. Get ready.

8 / 10









"Grand Sun Ritual" Track-listing:

1. Coldun
2. The Forest and the Soul
3. Down Below
4. Salvation Day
5. Stories Untold
6. Hail out to Thebes
7. I Dreamed that Dream

Coldun Lineup:

Coldun - Vocals, Bass, Hammond, Synths
ZK - Guitars
MR - Guitars
NC - Drums

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