Course Of Events

Cold Night For Alligators

COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS mix a lot of Progressive Metal elements with a Metalcore voice […]
By Johnny Jackal
January 18, 2016
Cold Night For Alligators - Course Of Events album cover

COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS mix a lot of Progressive Metal elements with a Metalcore voice with the occasional clean vocals to match. They are a unique blend of a number of genres. The technical side of things is really appealed to the Progressive Metal fan in me.

The first track is "Considering Catastrophy''. This is quite technical and there is a lot of transitions, going from chaotic to really smooth stuff. They alternate between harsh and clean vocals. In this song in particular the clean vocals really sound like Warrell Dane from NEVERMORE, it's eerily similar! Warrell Dane being one of my favorite Metal singers of all time so that got me hooked.

The second track off this album is "Followers". This song reminded me a lot of the early SEVENDUST material (like "BLACK") but with no Rap Metal sounds thankfully. It sounds like them but with some harsher vocals and a lot more breakdowns than SEVENDUST used to do back in the day. The third track is "Calculated Accident". In all the songs off this album, this is by far the most technical one. This is pure Prog Metal, going from aggressive Double Bass Drumming to some smooth almost Ambient Music. This reminded me a lot of the later material by PERIPHERY and the changing rhythms of bands like BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME and MESHUGGAH.

The fourth track is "Inconsistent". It starts off with a really cool acoustic solo and the vocals are mostly clean on this one. This is one the best tracks off the album and really reminds me of TIMES OF GRACE's more slower songs on their only album. Another song from this release that reminds of this band is the last song on the album ''Brother'' which is in the same style. The lyrics are more profound than any other song and there is a lot of soul and meaning in those lyrics. It's another song that has almost all clean vocals as well.

The fifth track is "Art". It starts out with a wicked guitar solo that reminds me of POWERGLOVE or maybe some early DRAGONFORCE. It was more or less a Power Metal solo but it was a great way to begin the song. There is a lot of Double Bass Drumming on this one. This is the most energetic track off of this release.

The sixth song is "Retrogress". This is the weakest track on the album in my own opinion. It sounded a lot like some early nineties Industrial Metal but with some harsher vocals. Like a really bad B-Side from FEAR FACTORY. I guess they wanted to try something different but it felt flat to be honest.The seventh song is "Eunoia". I really enjoyed the intro with the Spanish Guitar solo, I thought it was a nice touch. This is an instrumental song and it ends with a Violin solo that reminds me a lot of Classical Music. It's not a long song but I really liked the change of pace of this one.

7 / 10


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"Course Of Events" Track-listing:

1. Considering Catastrophy
3. Calculated Accident
4. Inconsistent
5. Art
6. Retrogress
7. Eunoia
8. Querencia
9. Daydream
10. Brother

Cold Night For Alligators Lineup:

Johan Pedersen - Vocals
Kristoffer Jensen - Guitar
Roar Jakobsen - Guitar
Christian Minch - Bass
Niklas Schroder - Drums

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