Into the Black Sky

Cold Kingdom

Born of Minneapolis Minnesota in 2014, COLD KINGDOM is a full-out, juggernaut hard rock band […]
Cold Kingdom - Into the Black Sky album cover

Born of Minneapolis Minnesota in 2014, COLD KINGDOM is a full-out, juggernaut hard rock band that dispenses a lethal combination of fury and sentiment, delivering emotional lyrics wrapped in an unbreakable hard rock casing. They bring an unfailing drive to play energy-filled shows every time they walk on stage, a quality that gets ever-rarer in today's arena. In their years of performing live they've had the experience of touring the west coast in support of SHINEDOWN and opening for acts such as CHEVELLE, PAPA ROACH, BUCKCHERRY, and PUDDLE OF MUD, as well as contributing to some of the Midwest's largest music festivals, including Northern Invasion, RockFest, Summerfest, Moondance Jam, and Halfway Jam. More than just a band, this close-knit family is always looking forward to new challenges, new venues, and new fans, because that's what it's all about to COLD KINGDOM: the fans. "Into the Black Sky" contains eleven new tracks.

"Under the Surface" leads off the album. It's a quick electronic opening leading into "Desire." The main riff hits hard and heavy with some aggression. Elissa's vocals lead the sound, with some backing vocals here and there. It has an infectious groove, and she really stretches out in the chorus. The guitar solo has plenty of wah-wah. "Devil in me" opens with a low and heavy riff and a mid-temp sound. It has a tough edgy sound, fueled by Elissa's vocal energy. "Left me Haunted" opens with piano and a slower pace. It's a more emotional sound where she really goes for broke in the chorus. It's definitely one of the more memorable tracks on the album.

"Ammunition" is a mid-tempo song with easy listening verses and powerful choruses. Elissa hits some high notes and has no trouble negotiating her voice in the upper ranges. "After the Fall" opens with a dreamy sequence, with poignant vocals and just a little bit of instrumentation. The guitar solo is well-done here, following the melody line so very well. "Volatile" features a faster sound with a bit more get-uo-and-go. The riff is heavy enough to crush you but the melody flows nicely as well. It has a bit of a darker edge, as the title would suggest. "Invisible" has a slower, more deliberate groove, letting the melodies through in waves. The vocal harmonies are a nice touch here. The riff is still fairly heavy and they seem to be able to handle these two things together.

"In your Shadow" opens with a tender touch from keys and guitars, and a nice and easy drum beat. The vocals are solemn and poignant, and the chorus is full-on. "I'm done waiting for you" she croons. "Fear is yet to Come" closes the album, opening with some electronica and a-capella vocals. The chorus is where they really turn it on. Overall, I found the strength of the album to be in the energy they give off, the stellar production, and the vocal performance of Elissa Pearson. Aside from that, they didn't really do enough to distinguish themselves from the thousands of other bands out there doing this type of music. I can visualize a strong live performance, but for me they lacked originality. But, they are early in their career so hopefully they will find their sound in a future release. FFO: TONIGHT ALIVE and ICON FOR HIRE.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Into the Black Sky" Track-listing:

1. Under the Surface
2. Desire
3. Devil in me
4. Left me Haunted
5. Ammunition
6. After the Fall
7. Volatile
8. Invisible
9. In your Shadow
10. A New Disaster
11. Fear is yet to Come

Cold Kingdom Lineup:

Elissa Pearson - Vocals
Evan Ogaard - Guitar
Jason Michael - Bass
Chris Morley - Drums/Percussion
Collin Pearson - Keyboards

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