Just released October 26th 2018, "Matricide" from New Jersey's, so talented it makes ya want […]
By Kayla Hutton
October 30, 2018
Cognitive - Matricide album cover

Just released October 26th 2018, "Matricide" from New Jersey's, so talented it makes ya want to puke, COGNITIVE. "Matricide" is the band's 2nd release via Unique Leader Records and 3rd release overall. Having been formed in 2011, COGNITIVE has gone under some recent member changes. Most notably a new voice. It is at times hard to accept a new singer to the ranks, but man this guy is a great improvement. Bringing to the table a deep growl like AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE and a higher screamier tone like DEVIL WEARS PRADA.

Getting into "Architect of Misery" proves that you can be technical and still carry out a digest-able powerhouse groove. The track begins with no intro and no warning. Slamming into your house like an unexpected meteor. "Man, they didn't even see it coming". The drums are played by an octopus and I believe his octopus brother is playing guitar. Making us human beings look inferior with our only 2 arms. Bastards. As I continue on into "Fragmented Perception" I have come to realize it wasn't bath salts that made one guy eat an eyeball and another guy start ripping out his own internal organs and use them as projectiles, it was COGNITIVE. Sounding a little on the verge of death-core in the style found in BORN OF OSIRIS, it's OK. The technical breakdowns and transitions are done in a death metal style rather than the metal-core way. So there is a more brute force and low end behind it.

"False Prophet" took the cake for me. Blasting, odd time kept between the guitars and drums. The low low low vocals. Then changing into a groove led by the strings section as the kick drums just roll like a machine gun. The chorus line is brutal enough to want to eat plastic while the groove is strong enough to pound on the wall or slam your head into the car window. Seamless transitions. Full on kill or be killed, eat face, punch balls, perfect music to reap and sow your human flesh garden on a Sunday morning. The only annoyance is the ride cymbal in the albums title track. I am not sure why the high pitched cymbal needs to be that loud in the mix and not panned, but it threw off the perfect EQ and balance of things for me. Of course, you didn't need for me to tell you, as you'll hear it, can't miss it. But it's fair warning not to crank the volume knob too high, as you will be hearing ride cymbal for the duration of your day.

Overall "Matricide" makes me sick with jealous envy as I look with disgust at my hands and then my guitar and ask them, "Why can't you guys get along like that?" If you can actually control your anger, COGNITIVE's "Matricide" is for you. A technical death metal, semi death-core imperial extravaganza.  If you are prone to your anger getting the better of you, you may want to avoid this one. It does have the subliminal power to ensure a blood boiling destructive killing frenzy.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Matricide" Track-listing:

1. Omnicide
2. Architect of Misery
3. Matricide
4. False Profit
5. With Reckless Abandon
6. Clouds of Rust
7. Fragmented Perception
8. Vessel of Violence
9. Torn From The Void
10. Denouement

Cognitive Lineup:

Shane Jost - Vocals
Rob Wharton - Guitars
Harry Lannon - Lead Guitars
Armen Koroghlian - Drums
Ian Bainbridge - Bass

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