In Eerie Slumber


Finnish Death Metal trio COFFINCRAFT have released their second full length album, called "In Eerie […]
By Aaron Eerdekens
November 3, 2015
Coffincraft - In Eerie Slumber album cover

Finnish Death Metal trio COFFINCRAFT have released their second full length album, called "In Eerie Slumber". It's the follow up of their 2012 effort "Shockwave of Truth". It sounds very frightening, to say the least.

"Impious Spawn" starts off the album, with some kind of demon that says he has been awakened. I wouldn't be surprised if this demon and his friends actually played the music, it's that dark and compelling. All the traditional Death Metal ingredients are present. Loud guitars, fast drums and a devilish grunting voice to top it all off. If the first song is representative for the rest of the album, we're in for an interesting ride, into the depths of hell that is.

"Exaltation of Fornication" picks up where "Impious Spawn" left off. The respective beginning and ending riffs even sound alike, so they almost flow over seamlessly into each other. To be honest, I don't hear a lot of difference between the two, and it goes on like that in "III Verdict". Not that it gets boring or anything. There's enough power and energy going on to still keep things fresh. It's so much to take in that every second, every riff is as surprising as the last. They sure know how to keep your attention.

The intro of "The Claimant" is the first breather you get. It flows into another, slower but just as heavy guitar riff as the previous ones on this album, and makes for one of those Death Metal songs in a slower pace. At least now it's clear they know how to mix things up a bit.

In "Ego Pt. I" they quickly go back to their former loud and fast selves. This makes "The Claimant" a very tactically placed effort. It was just about the right time for something else before getting on the way they started again. "Ego Pt. II" follows, with a pretty slow but very dark first two minutes, and an equally exploding third minute that comes after, before falling back to their slower pace.

They go on like that in "Necrostation", where you can almost see these demons from in the beginning pick up their weapons and get ready to fight, which they seem to do when the pace quickens again. Like this they manage to keep interesting as well, something they keep up until their final song and title track "In Eerie Slumber". If you start listening to this one, you better be sure you're ready for it, 'cause it's a hell of a ride.

8 / 10


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"In Eerie Slumber" Track-listing:

1. Impious Spawn
2. Exaltation Of Fornication
3. III Verdict
4. The Claimant
5. Ego Pt. I
6. Ego Pt. II
7. Necrostation
8. In Eerie Slumber

Coffincraft Lineup:

N - Guitars, Vocals
R - Guitars
T - Drums

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