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To Hell


Out of all the reviews I've written, this is only the second (well, third) time […]
By Salvador Aguinaga II
February 24, 2014
Cobra - To Hell album cover

Out of all the reviews I've written, this is only the second (well, third) time I've decided to review a Heavy Metal group. It's not that I sparingly enjoy the genre because I love it. It's just that I feel that I needed more on my "resume" (per se) before I could objectively describe a Heavy Metal album.  Unfortunately, it will be difficult to do with "To Hell". "To Hell" gets my spirits up as I venture into it and realize I've grown as a listener and as a differentiator of certain Metal genres I was previously lacking in knowledge. Well, "To Hell" starts off to a decent start but quickly my hope is lost as they lean toward the style of Hard Rock. I truly believed I would be listening to a refreshing album but of course things aren't always as they seem.

"Beyond the Curse" has an extensive intro of instruments building into something that will be mysteriously grand. Honestly, I wasn't too disappointed as it felt like a path I have not taken in such a long time. Immediately, afterwards IRON MAIDEN worship became a little obvious. You start to hear the trademark galloping riffs along to Augusto Morales' bass playing reminiscent of Steve Harris. When these became elements to the first track I felt like I could sit back and relax without worrying too much. When "Fallen Soldier" came around I was even more pleasantly surprised. They revoked most of the adulation and started to play more originally-based material where I could say, "This is how COBRA sounds". Of course since IRON MAIDEN is too influential Augusto Morales was conservative about his playing. The only other element reminiscent of them was the rhythm guitar as it approached closer to the solo.
"Danger Zone" was a completely different root than both its predecessors. First, there was "Beyond the Curse" with its lively and galloping nature. Then, "Fallen Soldier" came around with its fusion of Heavy Metal and Speed Metal riffs. "Danger Zone" did the same as "Fallen Solder" but ironically its pace fell as it was a fusion of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. This is where I started to question myself. At first, I thought it was cool because in three songs I've heard something completely different. But as I kept continuing track after track, Heavy Metal was slowly receding and Hard Rock was protruding more and more.

As this was happening I kept thinking to myself, "How do Peruvians write something that sounds like the southern part of America?" (No pun intended). Seriously, I was baffled and I started thinking about Harley's and Rick Perry. COBRA began to remind me of DANGEROUS TOYS. The difference is I see the latter as the epitome of the Hair Metal movement (I detest this trend but for some reason I enjoy them). COBRA is just leftover scraps that nobody wants. They represented themselves well but once you get to know them you realize you regretted your decision. Sorry, I just don't like Hard Rock (at least what it means in modern times). The only other occasion you hear a prominent return of Heavy Metal is on their finale, "Inner Demon". But the damage is done and I cannot idly sit and appreciate what I'm hearing.

I apologize for the insults but so much remained left unsaid. I will rarely review Groove and Symphonic Metal or Hard Rock because I have nothing nice to say about it. This came as unintentional, as I've mentioned, I thought I was in for a complete and refreshing listen of Heavy Metal. In positive news, I do enjoy the album art done by Alan Corpse. It's a little cliché but badass at the same time. 

3 / 10


"To Hell" Track-listing:

1. Beyond the Curse
2. Fallen Soldier
3. Danger Zone
4. Rough Riders
5. Beware My Wrath
6. When I Walk the Streets
7. To Hell
8. Inner Demon

Cobra Lineup:

Augusto Morales - Bass, Vocals (backing)
Pochuck - Drums
Andrés Rhor - Guitars
Nito Mejía - Guitars
Harry "El Sucio" - Vocals (lead)

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