One more promo CD by Relapse Records, one more review that will bust my balls […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
August 14, 2009
Coalesce - Ox album cover

One more promo CD by Relapse Records, one more review that will bust my balls with 99 tracks of chaos! I will try to be as calm as possible to finish this review and let you know how the brand new COALESCE album sounds like.

The Kansas based metallers return with their brand new offering Ox through Relapse Records presenting their own ideas on modern Hardcore music. Combining elements of Hardcore, Sludge and some Post fragments, COALESCE seem determined to stay for many years to come in the Metal/Hardcore scene. With a filthy guitar sound and a schizophrenic rhythm section that defies the laws of harmony and tempo, the US act gives lessons of modern insanity. Ox hides various emotions behind its aggressive, yet somehow melancholic music and the one that helps in expressing them is Sean Ingram, a really talented singer.

Recommended if you like bands like BURNT BY THE SUN, BOTCH and CONVERGE.

"Ox" Track-listing:

The Plot Against My Love
The Comedian In Question
Wild Ox Moan
Designed To Break A Man
Where Satires Sour
The Villain We Don't Deny
The Purveyor Of Novelty And Nonsense
In My Wake, For My Own
New Voids In One's Resolve
We Have Lost Our Will
Questions To Root Out Fools
By What We Refuse
Dead Is Dead
There Is A Word Hidden In The Ground

Coalesce Lineup:

Sean Ingram - Vocals
Jes Steineger - Guitar
Nathan Ellis - Bass
Nathan Richardson - Drums

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