Voice Of Reason


On January 8, 2016 the 5th studio album by CLOUDSCAPE pertinently entitled "Voice Of Reason" […]
January 8, 2016
Cloudscape - Voice Of Reason album cover

On January 8, 2016 the 5th studio album by CLOUDSCAPE pertinently entitled "Voice Of Reason" will be released in a worldwide scale ! Since the self titled album in 2005, the high profile team from Helsingborg that was created and raised upon the ashes of mid 90's high hope DOCTOR WEIRD was on a fast lane, and in the wake of the global success for the popular musical Sub-genre well known now as Prog/Power Metal.

The songs all blend together in unity and coherence with a perfect balance between the old and new elements, like the archetypal singing voice of Mike Andersson's characteristic vocal method with very Heavy guitar motif ("In Silence We Scream") with lots of dynamic, changing moods and atmospheric moments ...The recurrent ripping rhythmic mania is a persuasive sign of their renewed strength!

In fact quite symbolic, musically shifting toward their early works with refined songwriting focused on catchy melodies yet still ambitious and in their more progressive vein like the demented title track crunchy jubilant and exciting...Obviously another step forward yet Introducing an unexpected blend and like melting for a new alloy, between the energetic guitar tapestry and some magestic arrangements borrowed from new musical territories, perhaps more catchy and Melodic than before ("Thunders of Extreme") but still on the edge of the more Contemporary Progressive style!

The almost completely changed new line up is utterly competent with still in the main spotlights to the two remaining former members - The front-man Mr. Andersson (PLANET ALLIANCE/exFULLFORCE/exSILENT MEMORIAL)  and the talented axe-man Patrik Svärd for another demonstration of their undeniable skills ("Needle In The Eye")...Artistically near to perfection and utterly rewarding this collection of tunes is destined to please the exigent and passionate fans of this Special blend already present with their earlier works...Very active on the live scene, it seems that CLOUDSCAPE had found inspiration in its numerous trips around the reputed Metal Stages all over Europe, some cuts -like the anthemic "All For Metal" seems to have a strong primary focus on the efficiency front! Technically almost perfect the CD "Voice Of Reason" was brilliantly mixed and mastered at the Roasting House Studio by experienced magic engineer and famous producer Anders "TheoCLOUDSCAPE - A New Design - YouTube" Theander (MIDNIGHT SUN/LAST TRIBE/SUN STRIKE, etc...).

Now the band has signed with the elated Dead End Exit Records, a very promising Swedish label with a strong ethic in its endless quest for the most precious metal alchemists! Clearly one of the first sought after pearl for Early 2016...Take notice of my advice on your daily reminder... January 8th!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Voice Of Reason" Track-listing:

1. New Design
2. Futuristic Psycho
3. Don't Close Your Eyes
4. All For Metal
5. Voice Of Reason
6. Thunders Of Extreme
7. Needle In The Eye
8. In Silence We Scream

Cloudscape Lineup:

Mike Andersson - Lead Vocals/Keyboards
Patrik Svärd - Guitar
Stefan Rosqvist - Guitar
Håkan Nyander - Bass
Fredrik Joakimsson - Drums & Backing Vocals/Keyboards

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