A Darker Of Salvation


In the constant quest for an original sound the record labels 'invent' new music genre […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
November 16, 2008
Closer - A Darker Of Salvation album cover

In the constant quest for an original sound the record labels 'invent' new music genre in order to attract the interest of the media and eventually the fans. I think this applies to the new album by the fresh and young band (the average age is 21 y.o.) called CLOSER. In this case Pulverised Records chose to describe this album as Modern Swedish Metal. I think we all agree on the fact that the so called Gothenburg sound has been flooded with bands that simply copy the already known ones in this scene. So, in order to keep a safe distant from the flock the record label wisely decided to catch some attention by using this new term. So, let me tell you whether this genre applies here and if this album is worth listening to.
The first and good thing I noticed about CLOSER is the sense of freshness that I got listening to this album. CLOSER managed to sound up-date without over-using the current music trends in their music. Alright, the monotonous vocals have a sad Nu-Metal shade but this as far as it gets with this trendy scene. The music is mostly influenced by the mighty NEVERMORE; sophisticated leads and solos go hand in hand with the down tuned and solid guitar rhythm section. Their connection to the aforementioned Swedish scene shows up in songs like It Dwells In Darkness where the melodic twin guitar melodies join the clean ala SOILWORK vocals.  
When we are talking about the Gothenburg sound then it is impossible not mention bands like IN FLAMES and DARK TRANQUILLITY who are the leaders of this scene. So, CLOSER prove their influences from the first through the groovy breaks and those from the latter with the dark and moody atmosphere in most of the songs. Unfortunately (for me), the Metalcore influences make a frequent appearance mainly under the cover of some CHIMAIRA where the distorted vocals meet some almost blast beats. I believe that by using this 'flat' singing style you loose greatly in terms of feeling expression and of overall music diversity or originality.
The fact is that A Darker Kind Of Salvation presents an interesting music proposal with some pretty good ideas that wait to be fully deployed in the future CLOSER albums. Without any doubt this band has the potentials to go even further and establish a sound of their own keeping a considerable distant from the trend waves that tend to spoil out favorite music.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"A Darker Of Salvation" Track-listing:

Chaos Interval
It Dwells In Darkness
A Darker Kind Of Salvation
Open Your Eyes
What I Am?
Caressing The Insane
Places Of Pain
This Hate
Hell Is Where The Heart Is
Shelter From It

Closer Lineup:

Andreas Melberg - Vocals
Tobias Persson - Drums
Bjorn Ahlqvist - Bass
Jonas Skoog - Guitar
Per Bergquist - Guitar

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