Dissonance Rising

Clay Withrow

This next album is by THE CLAY WITHROW BAND and is the next in the […]
By Ian Kaatz
September 27, 2007
Clay Withrow - Dissonance Rising album cover

This next album is by THE CLAY WITHROW BAND and is the next in the long series of albums through Sonicbids Promotions.  Clay is actually quite refreshing with his originality, while still showing off his influences which include PINK FLOYD, RUSH, and DREAM THEATER to name a few.  There is only one "new band that I could think of would be in their grouping that group being RIVERSIDE, so that being said inquire if you dare, muhahahaha.

All music played on Dissonance Rising is written and recorded by Clay Withrow, but when the band plays live it includes Narisa Suzuki (keyboards), Jason May (drums), and Will Davis (bass).  He released this album in February of this year and has essentially only played in his local area of Norman, Oklahoma.  I personally would like to see this change.

Dissonance Rising begins with an intro kind of track that starts you off on the journey with Clay through the life of a man who deals with loss of a wife, issues of greed and adultery according to his press kit; I am not so hot with interpreting lyrics so I didn't try.  "Proxima Centauri is where the album really begins and features a lot of variation in the sound from the extremely mellow and intricate "softer parts to a transition with a very crunchy Prog styled guitar sound.  The keyboards sound astounding on this album; I thoroughly enjoy how much they stand out from the rest of the music.  There is also some sick tapping on the guitar about half way through this number.  Dream For A Prison is bit more Prog in sound that contains some really cool chanting about half way through that really sets an excellent mood for a good portion of the rest of the record.

The next track, Children Of Machines contains an odd cymbal pattern that I found awfully intriguing.  It is an ultra fast one that almost sounds like some kind of effect in the background rather than an instrument, very cool sounding.  Millions is another cool sounding track with nice crunchy guitar sound, though I think the song could use some vocals.  This is probably personal preference since I am not a huge fan of instrumental stuff.  The next one is probably my second or third favorite track from the album.  There is an ultra sick guitar loop in the beginning of the song and from there the song progresses and picks up then BAM! The vocals kick in and the song has a hold of your ass its in grip; I really like how it turned out.  The Grinding Part One was kind of interesting in my opinion is just sets up the stage for the final track.  Granted I am not saying ....Part One is bad since ...Part Two wouldn't exist appropriately. The final track is great mix of all their influences with that crunchy guitar sound that is present on the faster tracks from the album that reminds me of SYMPHONY X.  It also has parts that remind of RIVERSIDE once again as well QUEENSRYCHE.  "The Grinding Part Two is easily my favorite track from the album and I am sure would be a huge hit at any Prog Rock/Metal concert.

This album is recommended for anyone that is a fan of Prog Rock/Metal.  I would highly encourage you to get in contact with Clay to get his album as well as encourage this mofo to get to writing another album and touring.  Next summer I think RUSH will need an opener for their basically annual summer tour, if you know what I am saying.

7 / 10


"Dissonance Rising" Track-listing:

The Finite
Proxima Centauri
Dream For A Prisoner
Children Of Machines
Of Endings
Dissonance Rising
Falling Into Dissonance
The Grinding Part One
The Grinding Part Two

Clay Withrow Lineup:

Clay Withrow - Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

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