Life Will Kill You (Reissue)


Today I have something very different to what I am normally use to, a reissue […]
By Michael Coyle
March 18, 2015
Clawfinger - Life Will Kill You (Reissue) album cover

Today I have something very different to what I am normally use to, a reissue from band I have never been aware of until now and a band that has been going for years from what I have found. Today we have the reissue of an album entitled "Life will Kill You" by the band CLAWFINGER

So lets get started then shall we, folks? With the album's second, titular track, from the start the song has this very strong and recogniseable industrial feel to it which does remind me in a way of "Godflesh", the only difference is the rapping which I'm sorry to say is a bit cheesy, adding rap to an Industrial beat. I know the bands main theme is Rap Metal in a sense but it does kind of feel a bit out there as it feels that the song could have been used for something so much more and could have been mixed with something heavier to compliment the songs structure and tone. Besides this the song itself has a very powerful touch to it which is shown by the added tones and guitars that blast right out at you out of nowhere as if, one second, you're walking down a silent and secure pathway and then suddenly this happens where this strong and massive beat tramples over you and takes you for a ride down somewhere unknown and different which makes this something that can really define the bands style and song structure in the very end.

Compared to the last song, "Prisoners" has more feel and structure to it which really makes this something to go nuts to, there is a lack of rapping and more heavy melody that makes this something much much more for the listener that has the chance to listen to this, it has a very strong industrial power to it as well as the mental imagery that accompanies it as well. From my view point it feels like that the band have created something that focuses on both the Industrial and also a very strong Punk feel that can be felt during the chorus and as well the opening of the song that makes this something much more for myself as the listener and as the song goes on it feels like that the band have made this to be some sort of anthem for those that have not got the ability of free speech. That makes me feel that this band has a real message for the fans that are buying their music and giving them a chance and that is something which we can all relate to when a band has this kind of sight and power over creating a view for the fans to see the world and what it is becoming at the same time.

To conclude, this band for me is a very weird mix of everything from Rap to Punk and Industrial, for me it is confusing to focus on every little thing but in the end when it came to the albums third track I started seeing what the band were making and how they wanted to be seen by the public. In a sense this is a perfect record for those looking for something weird yet wonderful; in the very end it is the decision of the fan in question to where this music takes them and that is the true point. Still to me I just do not know what to think of this and where it will end with me because it does have some good points to it, just it feels like cheese when you mix something heavy with something like rap.

5 / 10


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"Life Will Kill You (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. The Price We Pay
2. Life Will Kill You
3. Prisoners
4. Final Stand
5. None the Wiser
6. Little Baby
7. The Cure & The Poison
8. Where Can We Go From Here?
9. It's Your Life
10. Falling (3:39)
11. Carnivore

Clawfinger Lineup:

Zak Tell - Lead Vocals
Bård Torstensen - Guitars

Jocke Skog

- Keyboards, Vocals
André Skaug - Bass
Micke Dahlén - Drums

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